Watch Your Arrow In Flight Using Lighted Nocks

Easton Tracer Nock

Simple concepts, when they are correctly created and achieved, can be tremendously valuable and the concept of lighted nocks is undoubtedly one that is getting growing approval among hunters. The idea is that the back of the arrow is fitted with a small led light that enhances the visibility of the arrow when it is released from the bow.

There are several things to like about having an arrow which has a light attached, the most obvious is it is simpler to see the arrow while it is in flight. Therefore the shooter is able to see precisely how his or her arrow travels through the air and the light trail which is created will indicate the path of the arrow clearly. If modifications are necessary it is going to quickly become evident and this will help on upcoming shots.

The light will also provide a secondary benefit to the archer and that’s to stop arrows from getting lost. In the event the target be missed for some reason, depending on the thickness of the undergrowth, it is extremely easy to lose your arrow. In most cases these arrows are quite high-priced and the last thing you want to do is to replace all of them each time you go out. The led light inside the arrow nock will enhance visibility of the arrow as it sits in the undergrowth ensuring that it will be found without a lot of searching.

While these nocks have a tendency to cost more than the regular old plastic nocks they can be thought of as providing good value for money, especially if you bag more game or retain all of the arrows every time you shoot.

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