Three Types Of Mixed Martial Arts Gloves

The mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions of a few years ago were incredibly brutal and violent. They didn’t have any time limit and there weren’t any proper rules governing the sport. As a result, there wasn’t much interest among the general public. However, in recent times, MMA has gained in popularity, as rules were devised, and a system of timed rounds like in boxing matches. Now you will see MMA bouts screened on television under the name UFC.

Getting involved in MMA is something you might want to do for yourself, so you will need to think about what kind of kit you will need to buy. The main gear necessary for MMA training is your mixed martial arts gloves. There are three kinds of gloves and sadly, you can’t just pick one of them and use those for all your training. You will have to buy a pair of each type because they each have different uses. There are punch bag training gloves, sparring gloves and MMA fight gloves.

Bag Training Gloves

These gloves look similar to the usual western boxing gloves you might be accustomed to. They cover the entire hand of the wearer and have plenty of padding to prevent injury during heavy bag work. This is where there are some differences between the two types of glove however. The MMA bag gloves are made from much denser padding and may have a grip bar fitted inside them; there is also a significantly strengthened wrist band on the MMA gloves so overall there is much more protection for the hands and wrists than you’d get with normal boxing gloves. This does not mean you can go ahead and use this type of glove for sparring with a partner however. This should be strongly discouraged as the high density padding can cause serious injury to your training partner. Instead, for two person sparring, you are best off using the next type of gloves.

Sparring Gloves

To begin getting involved in some two person sparring without bashing each other into the emergency room, you are best off wearing a pair of MMA sparring gloves. They have much softer padding than the bag training gloves, so you can train with a partner without either of you picking up an injury. In terms of style, sparring gloves look less like western boxing gloves as they are open at the palm. There are a few different designs available. The first contains the padding at the back of the hand, and attaches using an elastic strap which you fit all your fingers through. The other common type is similar, but attaches to each finger individually via small elastic loops. The sparring gloves are still fairly heavy, due to the generous quantity of padding, and for this reason, they cannot be used in real MMA fights, where glove weights are strictly controlled.

Fight Gloves

MMA fight gloves are sometimes called competition gloves and these are the ones used for serious competitions; they are very lightweight because they have all the protective padding removed. There is a minimal amount of protection for the hands but usually you will have to wear hand wraps under your gloves to satisfy the competition rules. Because MMA involves many techniques such as grappling, throwing and chokes and locks, the fight gloves are fingerless to allow you to use your hands to grip more effectively during a bout. It is best not to use competition gloves for general training with a partner, unless you are very carefully trying to perfect a technique; don’t use fight gloves on a partner for power training as you can cause injuries very easily.

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