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Wearing Contact Lenses and Playing Sports

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Over half of American adults suffer from one of a variety of vision problems. For athletes, this can cause a variety of problems, as visual and physical coordination are important to playing a sport. Many people with problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are eligible to use contact lenses.

Contact lenses create an advantage over glasses while playing sports. For example, contact lenses allow for much better peripheral vision. Seeing what is going on in all directions is important for many athletes, so not being able to see as far peripherally both because of vision limitations and because of an obstructed field of view due to eyeglass frames, is a downside to wearing sports glasses. Another advantage is the cleanliness of the contacts. Glasses can get fogged up, spattered with mud, or blurred by rain while playing sports. Contact lenses do not have these drawbacks.

Yet another advantage to wearing contact lenses while playing sports is the stability the lenses afford. Glasses frequently move around on the face while running and moving, which causes a variety of issues while playing a sport. For one thing, the eyeglasses’ shifting movements may cause visual disturbances, causing problems seeing where you are going or any ball or movement around you. Along with this, the glasses may do more than shift, they may break. Breaking can cause injury at the worse end, or more mildly, but still disturbing to the playing of the sports, cause loss of corrected vision. Further, many sports require equipment to protect the head and eyes that can be difficult to fit over glasses.

Regardless of what sport is being played or type of contact lens being worn, there are many reasons that wearing contact lenses are an asset for athletes.

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