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Who Needs a Treadmill Mat

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Anyone who owns a treadmill or other exercise machine should have a rubber treadmill mat. Some people see rubber as the ideal material since it is durable and the surface of the mat makes it easy to wipe clean after months of accumulating dust and sludge dripped from inside the exercise machine. There are certainly other materials that these mats are made of. Some type of PVC foam mat is popular among exercise equipment owners as well. But anyone with a treadmill at home should especially consider purchasing a treadmill mat for the many benefits it offers which include but are not limited to the extension of the life of your treadmill.

It is very important that the treadmill equipment mat is of a decent size to match the equipment. Most sizes are standard so it should not be very hard to find the right size. It is also possible to go with a larger than necessary size if that is the only size available. A standard home treadmill will require a mat that measures 6.5 feet long by 3 feet wide. If you purchase a larger treadmill than the standard home machines then you will need to get a larger mat which will cost a little more considering all the other factors such as material and quality are equal.

A properly sized mat prevents slippage which defeats the purpose of the mat since it is suppose to help keep your floors from being scratched by the machine. It is also important that the mat offers enough cushioning for the treadmill especially during use. This means enough thickness and buoyancy in the material so it doesn’t compress too easily. Poor materials might be advertised as extra thick mats but once you put a treadmill on top it could simple flatten out and thus do little absorb the shock generated by the treadmill.

Buying a thick treadmill mat could be a good idea, particularly if you own an older treadmill, because it will help keep the treadmill stable. The thicker the treadmill mat the more protection your floor will have and the more stability you will get for the treadmill itself. You will also have more chance of soaking up sweat and oil stains with a treadmill mat that is on the thicker side.

Perhaps you don’t like the look of a treadmill mat on the floor and would rather something that is a little more subtle. This is where products like a clear treadmill mat will come in handy. It will still perform the same task as a standard treadmill mat but it won’t be quite so visible.

Whichever home treadmill mat you choose to buy make sure it is large enough to perform the job properly. You don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of buying a mat with the expectation that you will be protecting your floors only to find out that it is too small and the floors are damaged or stained anyway.

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