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Balls for Tennis Ball Machines

Friday, October 29th, 2010

With the resurgence of popularity in playing Tennis, many people are looking to improve their tennis game. And one of the best ways to get better at tennis is to practice on a tennis ball machine. They provide consistent practice that allows you to focus on your performance and when you’re ready you can switch to the oscillation mode and get some good practice approaching the ball (not to mention a great workout). And as expensive as ball machines are, you still have to stock them with tennis balls and if you were to pay full price by purchasing fifty tubes of balls you would spend just as much on balls as you would on the machine!

Fortunately, there are balls that are designed to work with tennis ball machines. Pressureless tennis balls are balls that have been constructed so that they never are pressurized and can never lose pressure. Normal balls are pressurized to provide the spring and bounce and once you open them it’s hard to keep them from expiring. With pressureless tennis balls, not only do they not expire from losing pressure, but they’re also more durable and rugged. These balls are constructed from extra duty felt that is designed to take the beating that a tennis ball machine puts on them when the machine shoots them time after time. And since they’re designed to work with tennis machines, they’re sold in bulk so that you can get them cheaper. When you buy pressureless tennis balls you will save a lot of money, money that can be used to purchase a better tennis ball machine.

Now the one drawback with using pressureless balls is that they tend to have a different “feel” to them. While it’s hard to describe, some people swear they can tell the difference. Whether it’s just true for the advanced player or it’s all in their head, this is only a minor concern that won’t affect 95% of players.

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