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I’m Buying Some Injinji Running Socks

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

There’s always something new to try out when it comes to running equipment and apparel and while I can’t bring myself to wear a pair of Vibram Five Fingers running shoes, a pair of Injinji Toesocks kind of has some appeal. It’s time for me to update my socks and I have ordered some Injinji’s online. I’m just waiting for them to arrive.

The Search For Comfort

I’ve figured that I tend to spend a fair amount of time and effort (not to mention money!) on my running shoes so it would stand to reason that I should make an effort to complete the deal with a good pair or running socks. If I’m going to be on my feet for long periods of time, my socks are going to play an integral part in their comfort. So I’m prepared to pay a little more than what I have in the past (under $20 for a pack of 3 pairs) to ensure my feet feel good.

It makes sense that a good pair of running socks is a very important addition to the runner’s kit. After all, it’s the socks that are actually in contact with the foot every step of the run. Blisters, sweaty feet and blackened toes are all going to be minimized with the help of a good pair of socks.

I’ve started with the Injinji brand and the difference between these socks and other types of running socks is blindingly obvious when you see them. They come complete with toe sleeves.

A big deal (at least for me) is that no-one needs to know that I’m wearing what looks like gloves on my feet. Once they’re in my shoes they will look like normal run-of-the-mill running socks.

I can see that socks that encase each individual toe will keep the feet drier and that should result in a more comfortable running experience. By all accounts from those who have been using them they are particularly comfortable.

…And So I Have Ordered…

The socks that I have already ordered are a couple of pairs of Original Weight Run 2.0 Mini Crew socks (in Mariner Blue) and a pair of Original Weight Micro socks (in Grey). I was curious to see what the difference was between the two styles. To finish off the comparison test I have also ordered a pair of No Show socks in Original Weight (also in Grey).

Here is a look at each style of sock to get a visual idea of how they might differ from each other. Obviously the No Show socks are significantly smaller than the others and should align with the tops of my shoes, the Run 2.0 Mini Crews feature a breathable mesh section and the Sport Micro socks are a standard looking material.

Injinji Micro Crew SocksRun 2.0 Mini Crew Socks (Mariner Blue) Injinji No Show SocksRun 2.0 No Show Socks (Grey) Injinji Sport Micro SocksSports Micro Socks (Grey)

When all three styles of socks have arrived I will take them for a few test runs so that I can compare them. I will be reviewing each of the different styles and will endeavour to make comparisons between the lot of them.

The Injinji running socks have been designed in three different weights giving runners the choice of thicknesses:

• Light Weight

• Original Weight

• Mid Weight

The recommendation is that the Original Weight socks are the ones that have been designed for the everyday runner and will perform well over most distances and all terrains. They have also been designed to be paired with all types of running shoes making them the ideal type of all-purpose running socks. As their website says, the Original Weight socks are ideal for the first time Injinji experience and that is good enough for me.

For the record the Light Weight socks have been designed for the minimalist and barefoot style of runners. The socks are ideal for running in milder temperatures and over shorter distances. They add minimal weight while providing maximum performance and protection.I own a couple of pairs of minimalist shoes and these types of socks might be perfect for them.

The Mid Weight socks are the most cushioned option and have been designed to provide plenty of protection for the foot. They are designed for people who require a great deal of padding when running over longer distances or when engaging in a hard workout.I don’t believe I need a pair of Mid Weight socks knowing that I am not a fan of thicker running socks as a rule.

About Injinji’s Sock Technology

Here is what the company says about the technology behind its design. The individual toes are referred to as AIS or its Anatomical Interface System. This has been used so that the toes are allowed to be separated while protecting them with an anti-friction membrane that is lightweight and breathable.

The seamless construction means that the sock is able to contour the curves of the foot and with the individual toes built in, that means from the heel right the way to every toe. The individual toe sleeves allows each toe to be activated which means the entire foot will be biomechanically correct in its movement. Activation of the toes also means that the foot will be more stable and will be capable of better grip.

These socks are made using COOLMAX® XtraLife fabric to help keep the foot dry and comfortable for longer. Added to that is LYCRA fiber to ensure a better fit which adds to the comfort of the sock. For superior durability the socks have also been made with COOLMAX® XtraLife fabric which means that it will continue to perform after the socks have been worn and laundered repeatedly.

All of the above comes straight from the manufacturer which gives you a pretty good summary of what the socks have been designed to achieve.

How Good Are The Injinji Socks?

Do they work? There’s a question that everyone wants to know and when you take a look at the Amazon website you get a pretty definitive and resounding YES. How do I know this? When you check out the customer reviews section for the Original Weight Mini Crew socks you can see that there have been 287 customer reviews left, of which only 6 were 1 star reviews and 10 were 2 star reviews. Conversely there were 197 5 star reviews.

So by any measurement you would have to say that the Injinji socks are extremely good socks and definitely worth pulling on for a test run.

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