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Best Girls Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Jogging is one of the best exercises to burnoff those extra calories and lose a bit of weight without having to dip too far into your pocket. In fact, it is fair to say that the most expensive thing you will have to buy is a good pair of running shoes. They will be far cheaper than a year’s membership of a gym or sports center – especially as many of these establishments have a rather odd policy of “Sign Up For Twelve Months – Pay For Thirteen!” Though they do count the extra month’s payment as a so-called “signing-up fee”.

It is very important not to try and make your running experience even more cost effective by rooting around in the closet for that old pair of fashion sneakers you used to wear years ago. They may be cheap, but they will do untold damage to your feet, ankles and knees if you are not careful, and especially if you suffer from flat feet.

Flat feet is a common condition where the arches collapse inwards during your normal walking or running motion. The process that sees your foot land on the ground at the midfoot, rotating slightly inwards as you move more weight onto that foot before pushing off the ground to begin your next stride, is called pronation. Since this rolling process is exaggerated in people with flat feet, you will need to buy a pair of girls running shoes for overpronators.

Don’t worry about having flat feet or the opposite problem of high arches; these are very common afflictions, to the point that running shoe manufacturers have three distinct sets of shoes to cater to each group (the third group being the neutral runners).

Running shoes for overpronators offer more stability and cushioning to protect flat feet from excessive shock when jogging, and can also help to prevent joint problems in the ankles and knees due to the extra stresses put on them when the foot and leg are not aligned properly during exercise. Some of the best shoes in the overpronator category for female runners are the Asics GEL-Evolution, the Saucony Grid Stabil (in the stores look for “ProGrid Stabil”) and the Brooks Addiction models. Talk to the staff in the store; they are normally runners themselves and will be able to offer you advice and other options to suit your own personal taste. It is also a good idea, once you have found a pair that works well, to stick with that model every time you replace them.

New Balance Womens Running Shoes

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

There have been many additions by New Balance to the women’s running shoe market lately, which include the latest style trends, improved heel and toe cushioning, and an all-around snug fit for women everywhere. In the past few years, there has been a great deal of innovation in running shoes for women, but New Balance has really been the trend-setter in this area recently. Let’s take a look at some of the best New Balance womens running shoes available for purchase.

New Balance 9500 – This stylish shoe is the newest addition to the New Balance women’s running shoes family. With a great built-in response system that cushions the foot on the needed pressure points, the 9500 is sure to be a favourite of women interested in running. With the maximum of breathability and durability, New Balance has gone out of its way to ensure that these shoes become the penultimate running shoes for women. The Flex Grooves on the bottom of the shoe also allow for ultimate flexibility, which will be beneficial for the various styles of runners on the road today.

New Balance 993 –  If you foresee yourself putting a great deal of miles on your running shoes, there may be no better running shoe designed for a woman than the New Balance 993. Its advanced cushioning over the length of the shoe provides runners with an experience of little-to-no pain when they are making their long treks. The pigskin/mesh upper part of the shoe allows for ample moisture wicking that will keep your feet dry throughout the length of your run. The patented ABZORB DTS system caters to those women who heel strike and need the extra cushioning in the back part of the shoe. The developers of the 993 have really thought of it all when it comes to what women need in running shoes.

New Balance 587 – One of the most popular shoes in New Balance’s line for women runners is the 587. The New Balance 587 gives women runners the stability they need to make those long distance runs seem less taxing on the body. With the patented ROLLBAR technology, motion control is not a problem with this shoe. Great comfort for the heel striker is another of this shoe’s great attributes, as it continues to prove that it is tailor made for women runners.

New Balance 760 – If it is maximum comfort and cushioning that you are after from your women’s running shoe, look no further than the New Balance 760. Combining a terrific foot stability system with ABZORB DTS technology, the runner gets one of the most advanced running shoes for women. With a great support system that allows for a smooth transition from heel strike to toe lift, the 760 is one of the pre-eminent New Balance women’s running shoes available today.

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