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The Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch – The Ideal Training Tool To Track and Manage Your Fitness Goals

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

One of the main features of the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor watch is the fact that it can create a daily personal workout fitness plan with the Keep U Fit feature of the watch. If you ever struggled with how much you should exercise on a particular day as well as how hard you should go in your workouts, then the Polar F11 watch might be the sort of fitness tool you are seeking. The polar watch gives you accurate heart rate measurements that allow you to keep track of just how hard you are working out and ensure that you are working hard enough to achieve a fitness gain and more importantly that you’re not overtraining.

The Polar F11 Watch features the WearLink feature that allows you to accurately measure your heart rate. Polar are widely regarded for their excellence in heart rate technology and the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor watch is no exception. The coded transmission allows you to avoid interference from other heart rate monitor watches, and the watch features heart rate zones, that alert you when you and not training at your ideal training intensity. The Polar OwnZone feature also determines what your heart rate zone should be on a particular day.

The Polar F11 watch is capable of measuring calories with the Polar OwnCal feature. This features shows you how many calories you have burned during a session and how many you have burned over multiple workouts. The F11 watch provides you with a summary of workouts including the total amount of time spent in a zone, how many training session you have performed your average and maximum heart rate and the number of calories you have burned in the period. The Polar F11 can store 12 session in memory and has the ability to transfer your data to computer using the SonicLink device.

The Polar F11 heart rate monitor watch, is also a comfortable wrist watch, that features a large digital display that is easy to read during a long hard workout. The watch comes in attractive designs for men and women and features and is a comfortable watch to wear on the wrist. The F11 watch also features a heart rate chest strap that is comfortable to wear and features user changeable batteries without needing to return the strap to the manufacturer for a replacement. Overall, the Polar F11 watch is one of Polar’s most popular fitness watches and has earned it’s popularity for a reason. The F11 watch is the perfect sports timepiece for those who need assistance with their training programs and to track and manage their workouts in pursuit of their goal.

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