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Buying An All Mountain Snowboard

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

With the winter snow season hitting once again the pressure was on to decide on whether a new snowboard was required. There are so many boards manufactured these days and all of them seem to be given a subtle difference to distinguish them one from another. Be that as it may these differences don’t always mean a lot when you get the board out on the mountain. My level of snowboarding competency is not great enough to allow me the ability to tell the difference between two freestyle boards or all-mountain boards.

Due to the fact that most of my snowboarding is down the groomed trails as opposed to lurking around the park, the need for an all-mountain board has hit.

Looking for an all mountain snowboard that would be reliable no matter where it was used there are a few different types of snowboards that would measure up to the job at hand. The snowboard that looks the most impressive is the Palmer Honeycomb snowboard.

This particular board is an extremely lightweight board that features the Palmer company’s honeycomb technology to give the board added strength combined with power and durability. This is a board that is highly maneuverable and will give you a reliable edge to help with tight cornering and turning. The board is also equipped with the FLF shape. The initials FLF stand for Feels Like Flying and it’s all about the speeds that the board is capable of reaching.

The Honeycomb is said to cater for the intermediate to advanced snowboarder, which I guess means that anyone who has had some kind of snowboarding experience will be able to handle this snowboard. That’s a bit of an indication that you can get some pretty serious speeds up on this type of board.

The only thing left to do once a suitable type of board is decided on is to get out there, buy the snowboard and then hit the slopes. This time I think it might have to be one of the selection available from Palmer Snowboards.

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