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The Importance of Core Strength Training in Improving Your Vertical Jump

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Training to become a better leaper either for basketball, volleyball or American football is not something you can do tentatively and see any significant results. Just like any other athletic skills, serious and adequate training is necessary to achieve your objectives.

Learning how to jump higher involves some of the most intense exercise regimen because it uses techniques that target fast twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for creating power and speed. This enables athletes to sprint faster, punch quicker, throw farter, jump higher, etc. Exercises for fast twitch muscle may involve explosive action of the movement you are training for. For instance, if you wish to train your body to jump higher for basketball, you will need to do jumping exercises that mimics jumping while playing basketball and that usually means plyometric vertical jumping exercises.

Plyometrics are a high intensity exercises that work out the target muscles using explosive movements. If you are training to jump higher, plyometics is achieved by jumping vertically as high as you can and in short bursts of energy and small number of repetitions.

The high intensity nature of plyometric workouts entail increased risks of injury to the trainee. So, to counter that risk, experts advise athletes to undergo serious core strengthening regimen that targets your core muscles which are responsible for the stability of your body when executing any athletic movement. They serve as the base of the human locomotion and hence, the stronger they are, the more efficient the transfer of energy is through your body during play.

Core muscles stabilize the spine, the back, abdomen, neck and shoulders which are basically the center of muscular activity of the human body. Hence, exercises that target core muscles are important part of your vertical jump training and should not be overlooked.

Vertical jump training involves explosive movements that may cause pain or injury. Taking necessary safety measures is a must before undertaking any such endeavor. Core training is one of those essential steps in that direction and should always be part of your training plan.

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