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Inversion Board Vs. Inversion Table

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

If you are looking for ways to make inversion therapy easier and more comfortable, all you need to do is to use an inversion board instead of an inversion table. While hanging upside down can be so uncomfortable to some who doesn’t like full inversion and can sometimes hurt your ankles or being fully inverted is not advisable for your current medical condition, an inversion slant board will help you still get yourself into inversion therapy. Inversion slant boards are available in the market. They are boards which will allow you to be in a slightly inverted position. You will not have to deal will strained ankles and brain rushing through your head causing you to feel dizzy by hanging upside with a teeter inversion table for example.

Inversion boards just like inversion tables must also be used properly. To under do slight inversion is much better than over doing it. When you can start with 5 minutes twice a day for an inversion table, you can do inversion for 10 – 20 minutes twice a day with inversion boards. It will be easier this time because you will be in a more comfortable slight inverted position. You might not even skip one day without using it as much as possible that with what you will possibly do with an inversion table.

Inversion board therapy will provide you equal benefits when you are using inversion tables for inversion therapy. Inversion boards will also relieve back pain, stress and fatigue, reduce compressions, promotes blood circulation, increase over all flexibility and promote good posture. Basically, you will still experience the benefits of hanging upside down while you are in a more convenient position.
There are many different types of inversion boards in the market for you to choose from. Your choice must depend on your needs and your budget as well. Just be sure to get quality and durable inversion boards for your safety.

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