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Equipment Required for Ice Hockey.

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Ice hockey is one of the most dangerous sports out there. In addition to the physical nature of the game, there’s also a chance of injury from skating, or getting hit with a puck. There’s a lot of equipment that goes into keeping players safe, and while some of it is necessary, other pieces are optional. If you’re not playing in a sanctioned game then all you really need to play is ice hockey sticks and ice skates. Though helmet is definitely recommended, as are some hockey gloves.

If however, you plan on playing in a sanctioned league there are a lot more pieces of equipment to obtain before you reach the ice. Underneath the jersey you have shoulder pads, which should cover the shoulders, back and chest. You’ll also have elbow pads, which will protect your elbows in case of falls and when getting hit. On the bottom half of the body you’ll need an athletic supporter, most of these come with pieces to hold up hockey socks. You’ll also need a pair of shin-guards and pair of “breezers” also known as hockey pants to cover the rest of your body. After that all you need are hockey socks and a jersey, which are often times provided by the league itself.

All of this gear can be had in a few different places. One of the first stops should be your local hockey shop, often times an ice rink will have one in the building. It’s best to start here as the staff will be trained in the correct way to size up the gear, and be able to order exactly what you need. If you’re without a store like this, a good option is a sports supply chain that has a hockey section, they’re not as knowledgeable but they’ll have what you need. If that is also not an option, your last bet is to check online for stores, make sure to read up on fitting before you spend any money and check and make sure they have a flexible return policy should you order wrong.

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