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A Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Will Strengthen Fingers and Hands

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

The Gripmaster Hand Exercisers provide you with a way in which you can exercise the fingers, wrist and forearms safely and at your own leisure. They are available in different tensions for lighter or heavier workouts, depending on the needs of the individual. The fact that they only cost a fraction over $10.00 each means that the outlay is a no-lose situation.

Not only will this type of exercise equipment give you a stronger grip, it will help anyone suffering from hand or wrist injury to rehabilitate through daily exercises that can be controlled without the risk of straining and causing further injury.

The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser allows the fingers to be isolated and exercised independently from one another. The pistons are spring-loaded and there are four of them, one for each finger. Whereas other hand exercisers will allow the stronger, more dominant fingers to do most of the work, this exerciser can be used one finger at a time ensuring that every finger gets the same workout.

The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is available in four different tensions from the extra-light yellow (3 lbs), light blue (5 lbs), medium red (7 lbs) and heavy black (9 lbs). It is recommended that those who have not worked out before should start on the lighter grips, either the yellow or the blue.

They are available for sale below, simply select one of the Gripmaster Hand Exercisers in a tension that will suit your strength level.

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It is important that you take into consideration the condition of your hands and the amount of weight they are capable of pushing. Also important is the reason why the hand exerciser is required. Those who are using it for rehabilitation after an injury will only require a minimum of resistance making the extra-light model perfect until some strength returns.

Sportsmen aiming to tighten their grip for holding such equipment as tennis racquets, baseball bats or even golf clubs may already have a strong grip that will enable them to start on a heavier hand exerciser such as the blue or red model. As well as being able to use the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser finger by finger it is possible to use it with the whole hand which means it will be of benefit for those playing these types of sports.

As well as the four hand exercisers offered above there is an extra extra light model that comes at 1.5 pounds of tension per finger. You can buy this one too if you feel you will need to start off at a particularly light model.

Guitar players or anyone taking up a stringed instrument will find their fingering will be improved after using the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser. It would be used with the tips of the fingers and would help to build up the dexterity and strength of the fingers as they are required to move over the strings. Similarly a keyboard player will also find benefit from using this type of exercise equipment with the fingers getting a great strengthening workout.

There are a number of different ways in which the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser can be used to provide various different types of workouts for the fingers, the hand or the wrist. The first is to individually work the fingers by pressing down a piston with the tip of each finger one at a time. It may also be used to exercise the fingers together by placing all fingertips on the pistons and working them together. The thumb may be exercised by holding the exerciser end-on and squeezing a piston with the thumb tip. Gripping the hand exerciser in the palm of the hand and hooking the fingers over the pistons will provide a strengthening workout for the entire hand.

When you take a look at the Gripmaster website you will find 6 exercises detailed along with a graphic illustration of how the hand exerciser is to be used in each exercise. The exercises are called gross grasp, hook position, key pinch, trigger pinch, tip-to-tip pinch and wrist flexion.

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