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Seven Small Pieces of Golf Trivia for the Golf Fanatic

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Are you a golf fanatic?  Who wouldn’t be!  If you love the game of golf, you are going to love this interesting tidbits of information.  Here are seven little known facts about the history and playing of the game for Snappers everywhere.

  1. After golf was invented in the fifteenth century, the first professional game was played in 1774 in Edinburgh.  Only thirteen rules were in place at that time.
  2. Additional rules were added to deal with technological advances.  These include things like shoes, clubs, and more.  For example, golf GPS systems became legal to use in 2005.  At first, they were very expensive.  Now, you can even download GPS software onto your phone, like the Greenfinder golf GPS program!
  3. What’s the oldest golf course in the world?  The Old Links in Scotland has been open for games since 1672.  The oldest course in the United States is the Van Cortlandt in New York City.
  4. Golf was so popular in Scotland that it had to be banned from 1457-1502.  They didn’t want people wasting time on the game when the English invasion was coming.  Scottish people must have been seriously addicted!
  5. You may want to try to enforce this rule on your friends – professional golf players can only carry 14 clubs in their bags during tournament play. Caddies everywhere will thank you!
  6. Your golf ball can weigh no more than 45.93 grams.  It also must be exactly 42.67 mm across in diameter.  Most balls are regulation, but it would be interested to get out a scale and check.
  7. Want to get your score really low?  Try to get these score – three strokes under par is an Albatross, four under par is a Condor, and five under par is an Ostrich.  An Ostrich has never been recorded.

These seven facts are sure to impress your friends.  Make sure you increase your friends’ knowledge by sharing them the next time you go golfing.

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