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Helpful Soccer Goalie Drills

Friday, July 9th, 2010

No matter how good of a soccer goalie that you may be, you always need to practice so that you can stay fresh when it comes time to play in the game.  The more time that you spend practicing, the better you will get because you will be ready for all the situations that you are presented with in the actual game play of a soccer game.  Being a goalie in the game of soccer is very difficult, so you need to always be the best that you can be so that you can help your team out by preventing any balls from getting past you and into the goal that you are trying to protect.

There are four main scenarios that are going to occur for you as a goalie when someone goes to shoot the ball.  You will either need to catch the ball one handed or two handed or you might need to dive for a low ball and maybe even jump and catch or block a high kick.  All of these situations should be practiced so that it becomes routine for you and so you know when to use which fundamental.  Each one can be practiced with just one other person kicking or throwing the ball to you.  If you want you can also have a scrimmage with the whole team so it is like actual game play.  In this way, you can actually get practice by trying to read the player’s body language so you can guess what is going to happen next so that you are ready for it.

By doing these kinds of practices, you should be more prepared as a goalie when you are called up to go out and protect your team’s goal.  You must remember all of the physical and mental aspects of the game because they are equally as important when it comes to succeeding as a goalie.

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