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Choosing a Fishing Rod to Catch Trout

Friday, June 25th, 2010

When choosing a fishing rod to catch trout you may not realize just how much the season affects your choice, it does as water levels are different at different times of the year. This means that sometimes the trout may be schooling up a little further from the shore than you expected and you will need a quality trout fishing rod to make extra long casts.

The truth is that in the spring when the water is usually high you will need a longer fishing rod than at other times of year when the water is lower. You do not have to worry though; this doesn’t mean that you will have to purchase more than one fishing rod or one for each season. You can purchase adjustable rods which are just as good as the regular rods and allow you to fish all year round.

If fishing for trout in standard water levels a rod that is four to five and a half foot will suffice. But if you are fishing for trout during high water settings a six to seven foot rod should be used. The longer rod not only gives you a better feel in the fast currents but also it will keep your fly in the area for longer. You may have to add a little weight to your fly to weigh it down a bit if the current is extremely fast. Having a longer rod in these conditions also will give you more casting space if you are using small fishing lures or rigs.

Even though prices for fishing rods can be cheaper on the Internet it is still a good idea to visit a local tackle store to test out the different models that are available. If you are looking for a bargain, tackle stores usually stock fly fishing rod and reel combos, which match a fly rod with a reel to make a package deal. Some stores will even let you take a practice cast or two if you ask nicely. This way you can find a rod and reel that suits your fishing style and you will be much happier with your purchase.

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