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Brooks Glycerin 8: The Running Shoes for All Runners

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

The Brooks Company never failed their most valuable costumers when it comes to their very own running shoe products. They strive hard to achieve perfection on each of their items. Every now and then, they do research and make several experimentations just to assure the safety and quality of each innovative material used to make a perfect running shoe. Just recently, they were able to produce the newest version of Brooks running shoes, which is the Brooks Glycerin 8.

The Brooks Glycerin 8 was first released in the market last December 2009. However, just a few months after it was released, the shoes already received the “Editor’s Choice” award by the Spring 2010 issue of Shoe Guide, which was off the news stands last February 2, 2010.

Even before the item was released, several runners were already excited to get their own pair of Brooks running shoes and check the item’s capability. What makes more and more runners eager to get their own Brooks Glycerin 8? If you do not own one yet, then perhaps you are the only one who does not know how life changing these shoes can be.

Let’s try to dissect how these shoes were made running shoes for all sorts of runners.

First, the most popular reason why several runners like this shoe is because of its innovative technology called Brooks DNA. This is what makes these shoes perfect for all runners since it improves the capability of the shoe to adapt to the runner’s demands and needs. This neutral bar provides ample cushioning and comfort for runners of all sizes and speeds. It can support the feet with fast and hard strike, while it can provide a smooth ride for runner’s with mild running pace. The Brooks DNA works along the BioMoGo midsole, which was the first-ever biodegradable midsole that was made for running shoes. Talk about an eco-friendly shoes? Then, that could be the Brooks Glycerin size 8. However, other running shoes made with these biodegradable midsoles include the Brooks Infiniti Size 10.

Other than the Brooks DNA and BioMoGo materials, these shoes are also made with an Element Mesh that provides a breathable microfiber material to keep the runners feet feeling comfortable. This material can also withstand any acts of nature, so there’s no problem using it under a heavy rain, or striding along muddy or grassy pathways.

Providing maximum comfort to all types of runners, Brooks Glycerin is a must to own. They also come in different designs and color that does not only make the shoes a comfortable shoe, but, as well as, a cool and personalize shoe for all runners. There’s no other shoe better than the Brooks running shoes, try it and believe it yourself!

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