Run 200 And the Halfway Point

REDFAY 2013My challenge to run every day for a year hit the halfway point at the start of July and I am still feeling remarkably fit and well. Although I am now halfway through the calendar year, my running streak was actually at 200 runs because i started the challenge a with a couple of to go in December.

As I say, my fitness is the most remarkable thing about this challenge so far. I was fully expecting to be dragging myself out for my daily run by this stage with a body that was crying out for mercy. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, I am feeling fitter now than I was at the start of the year and am still motivated to get out and go for my run.

I’d love to have done a bone mass test before starting this challenge because I’m sure my body has done a great deal of compensating to enable this type of reaction. Not only am I running every day but I am running further and faster as the days go by. I have reduced the time on the Virtual Training Partner of my watch from a starting point of 4:55 per kilometer to 4:52 and then to 4:45 and, finally, the current time of 4:43. Most importantly with all of these reductions, I regularly beat the Virtual Partner.

So far in July (7 days in) I am averaging more than 11 kilometers per day (thanks largely to today’s 18km run). On top of that I have hit 300 km for 4 out of the 6 months so far. In February and June I came agonisingly close but just missed the mark.

The long range goal of trying to reach 3650 km for the year is still a possibility but will require a slight increase in the daily k’s from here on in.

So far so good, though and it’s not a case of keep on keeping on. I have a race planned in two weeks time but after that there is nothing on the horizon. It looks as though the planned marathon somewhere in the year isn’t going to pan out. Although Melbourne or Sydney is still a possibility there are simply too many clashing commitments.

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