My Asics Hyper Speed 5 Shoes After One Month

I am fast closing in on the end of the first month with my new Asics Gel Hyper Speed 5 shoes and felt it was a good time for a little bit of reflection on how they have gone. What I have attempted to do is gradually transition across to shoes that have a reduced drop compared to what are considered to be traditional running shoes. In the case of these shoes the difference between the height of the heel and the toe is 6mm.

From October 19, which was the first day I wore the shoes on a run, until November 16 I have gone for 18 runs and have worn the shoes 9 times. This has allowed some time for my legs to recover from the different cushioning and running style that I am experiencing with the new shoes. The total distance covered in the new shoes so far is currently 83km.

Have I noticed a difference when running in these shoes? You bet I have. The anticipated calf pain has happened and this can be attributed to two factors. The first is obviously the new shoes and this is why it is crucial that I am careful in the frequency with which I wear them. The second would have to do with the changes I have made to my running style.

In the past my running style has always been to land more towards the rear of my foot and I occasionally notice that I lean slightly backwards. The recommended running style is to lean forwards more, reduce the stride length and pick the feet up higher. This combination acts to get me more onto my toes when I run. Suddenly I’m using my calf muscles in a different way and this is causing them a little bit of stress.

While the calf pain is noticeable it has to be said that it is only slight pain. Switching back to my old shoes for every other run gives me immediate relief and I’m ready for my next run in the new shoes. So no problem there.

About a week ago I developed a hamstring twinge while on a 10km run. I was running with someone who was a slightly faster runner than me and found myself working hard at times to keep up with him. It was during one of those efforts that my hamstring twinged and, with around 1.5km to go I had to back right off.

I took the next day off running and went for a short test run on the next day. By keeping my stride length quite short I managed to get through my trial run without any pain so I felt I was okay to continue running.

Fortunately I haven’t had a recurrence of the injury and have been able to carry on with my running.

All in all I would have to say that my first venture into more minimally soled shoes has been a success. The shoes are incredibly light and are comfortable to wear. Once my muscles have had a chance to get themselves adapted I reckon I can move onto the next phase in my transition to minimalist shoes.

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