Lead Up to the Sutherland To Surf

This week I am participating in the Sutherland To Surf Fun Run. This is an 11km run that takes us from Sutherland to Wanda Beach and is one of the few local runs still around. It will be the 42nd time the run has been held and I estimate I’ve participated in around 20 of them.

There are a number of reasons why I keep running in this race, not the least of which is its close proximity to where I live. The fact that the majority of the course is downhill is another big drawcard and you can usually count on a pretty quick time if you are fit.

This year I am hoping to get close to running 4 minute k’s for the event which will hopefully give me a time of around 44 minutes. The first half of my latest half marathon was covered in close to 4 minutes a k so that gives me confidence that I can repeat that this Sunday.

Today’s training run was a touch over 10k and it felt as though we were pushing along at a fairly solid pace, although only the middle couple of k’s were anywhere near the 4 minute per k mark.

We’ll see how the body responds to the solid pace.

For the rest of the week as a decent lead up I plan to do a flat 10k on Tuesday at a slower pace. Wednesday is a pairs run over a 6-7km course. It’s a race so I can use it as a mid-week speed session. Thursday and Friday will both be 10k runs by myself in the morning and that means a nice leisurely pace. On Saturday I will be parking the car at the finish line of the Sutherland to Surf and jogging home. This should give me a 13-14k run as a final warm-up.

The planned distance for this week will see me closing in on 2,000km for the year and a solid part of my REDFAY 2013.

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