How Well Timed Was My New Injinji Sock Purchase?

I don’t know if it was a sign, fate or a nasty coincidence but when I took my shoes off this morning after a fairly standard 10.5k run I was greeted by the sight of blood all over the end of one of my socks.

Bloody Sock

The bloody result of today’s run

Coming only a day or so after announcing that I was going to be trying out some new brands of socks, it couldn’t really have happened at a better time. The fact that the socks that I have just bought are Injinji toesocks adds to the coincidence of the situation because I believe that if I was wearing the new socks my toe wouldn’t have gotten cut.

The cause of the bleeding looks as though it might have been from a sharp corner of toenail that may have dug into the surrounding skin on the same toe. I’ve had cut toes in the past where the nail from one toe nicked the skin of a neighbouring toe but I can’t remember it happening on the same toe. In my experience toe problems like this are a pretty common occurrence and extremely minor, although lots of blood is the result and a thorough cleaning required. I haven’t really let my nails grow terribly long but I obviously left a sharp corner the last time I cut them.

With a pair of the Injinji socks on I wonder whether the cut might have happened at all. With each toe encased in its own sleeve it is possible that it may have been better protected.

I tell you what, though, I would have been dirty if this had have happened next week when I was wearing my new socks. Blood is a bitch to remove from the weave of socks and I’d like to think my new socks will have the appearance of being new socks for at least a few weeks.

So all in all, I reckon my timing was pretty well spot on as far as deciding on buying a pair of running socks that take care of the protection of each individual toe.

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