FuelBelt Helium 4 Bottle Belt

One of the earliest designers of quality hydration belts is FuelBelt and it offers the runner and the triathlete a high quality product. The FuelBelt Helium 4 Bottle Belt consists of four 8oz bottles that are positioned at easy to reach places around the waist.

The FuelBelt Helium has been widely used by some of the top Ironman Triathletes around the world providing a pretty good indicator about its quality in some of the most trying of conditions. If high level competitors are prepared to use the belt during important competitions it is very likely that the amateur like me is going to find it useful.

It has been shown in studies that consuming around 300 to 350 calories per hour while performing continuous exercise will help the athlete’s endurance and intensity. Having immediate access to carbohydrates and electrolyte drinks is important in maximising your training efforts as well as minimising the possibility of running out of fuel.

The review below joins my other reviews as I continue to consider which hydration belt I should buy.

Belt Features

  • Control-stretch waistband with wider Velcro closure means a secure and custom fit
  • Choice of 5 colors
  • Four 8oz bottles are ergonomic, leakproof, dishwasher safe and made of recyclable BPA-free LDPE (No.4) plastic
  • Breathable therma-foam keeps you cool when things heat up
  • Each Helium belt comes with a removable race pocket, perfect for salt tabs, gels, keys or cash
  • Four sizes: Small (27-29”); Medium (30-32”); Large – (33-35”); X Large (36-38”)

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Bigger Range of Sizes

One of the first things I noticed about the FuelBelt when compared to both the Nathan and Amphipod belts is that they are available in a wider range of sizes. This might be because the belt is not quite as adjustable as the other two but it certainly means that you should be very careful in choosing the one you want to buy or else risk ending up with one that doesn’t fit. This appears to be at the core of a few complaints about the FuelBelt with the lack of adjustability coming into issue.

The sizes that they are available in are Small (27-29”); Medium (30-32”); Large – (33-35”); X Large (36-38”).

Bottles and Positions

The molded shape of the drink bottles have been slightly bent in order to allow them to sit low in the holders. It also means that they will be easy to grab while running and should then snap quickly back into place when you’ve had your drink.

There have been some reports by some runners that the position of the bottles interferes with the swinging arms that form part of the natural running motion. Although every running style is different it is a little concerning that there is a chance that contact can be made.

There is no option to change the position of the bottles on this belt. The holders are fixed in place on the belt. The option you do have is in the position that you wear the belt – either low around the hips or higher on the waist. This, too, can cause problems because it appears that the belt tends to ride up if it is placed around the hips until it has reached the waist making it prone to jiggling about.

Flask Holders

As mentioned earlier, the bottles are positioned around the body with two at the front and the other two in the back. They are made from lightweight recyclable plastic and can be sealed tightly to avoid leakage on the run. The positions are not as easily accessed as one might hope and it is invariably necessary to use two hands to get the bottles back into their holders.

Belt Material

The belt itself is made from a breathable therma-foam that prevents the area from heating up too much. The waistband provides a small amount of stretch giving you some measure of being able to custom fit it within a small range and the closure is a wide Velcro seal that makes it secure once it has been closed.


The amount of storage space is one area where the Helium 4 tends to fall down a little when compared to other fuel belts. Although it comes with a removable zipped pouch, the pouch is particularly small making it difficult to store some of the items that some people might find essential such as a cell phone.

Also, apart from the water bottle storage, the pouch is the only opportunity for additional storage meaning that everything extra that you want to carry will have to be placed in the same space. This means keys, money and MP3 player will have to share room with chews, gels, pills or lollies needed for refuelling.

Other FuelBelt Models

There are a number of different styles and configurations of FuelBelt Bottle Belts for those who are looking for slightly more or slightly less hydration storage.

FuelBelt Revenge 2 Bottle Belt – 2 x 7oz Bottles
FuelBelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt – 4 x 7oz Bottles
FuelBelt Revenge R30 – 3 x 7oz Bottles
FuelBelt Terminator 6 Bottle Belt – 6 x 8oz Bottles

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