For Sports, It’s Got To Be Oakleys Sunglasses

All sportspeople require equipment to play their sport.  Golf clubs, surfboards, and shoes are just a few obvious examples.  For sportsmen that play in harsh environments, one accessory is more of a requirement than a fashion accessory – sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a vital accessory of sports buffs, since the latter are exposed to extreme environmental variables.  It is for this reason why manufacturers have developed eyewear that is exclusively designed with the sporty individual in mind, with the aim of addressing and, perhaps, limiting the occurrence of any optical problems resulting from re gular and strenuous outdoor activities.

Whether the sport requires intense activity or simple extended exposure under the sun, these sunglasses allow an athlete to perform better by protecting their vision.

Sunglasses, as the name suggests, are basically used to protect the eyes from the sun’s damaging glare.  The brightness of the sun, by itself, can already be a major distraction in most outdoor sports and can interfere with one’s focus on the particular activity at hand.  Coupled with harmful ultraviolet light, consistent unprotected exposure to these rays WILL damage overall vision.

Regular sun exposure for varying lengths of time eventually takes a toll on one’s optical health.  To mention, sun exposure is also one of the leading cause of cataracts.  Impeccable vision is required by any sportsperson.  And their main ally against the sun is a pair of sunglasses.

Aside from the sun, sportspeople al so have to contend with profuse sweating.  Such is part and parcel of an athlete’s life.  This can also cause other distractions for them – moisture build-up, blurred vision from sweat getting into the eye, sunglasses slipping off, among others.

As such, sports eyewear manufacturers have added new features to improve the sunglasses’ grip on the face, thereby sealing-off sweat and lessening further distractions during active play.  Other customizations were also implemented, such as adjustable and changeable nose pieces, form-fitting frames, and rubberized contact points.

Oakley sunglasses is the most popular brand in the sports eyewear industry.  As one of the first to focus on sports eyepieces, Oakley has carved out a very comfortable niche in the industry and in every sportsperson’s consciousness.  It has become THE “eyepiece of choice” of serious sports enthusiasts, and more so by well-known celebrity athletes.

Although there are other brands in the market — the material, craft and technologies employed by Oakley are of an unparalleled quality, unmatched by any other.  Some of the patented technologies employed by Oakley are: (1) High-Definition Optics that lets one see more clearly without the feel of prescription lenses; (2) Hydrophobic lenses that repel moisture and keep way oil and debris; (3) Impact Protection; (4) Photochromic lenses that adjust to the changing light; and (5) Oakleys polarized sunglasses that block glare by the sun and reflected unto water and pavement.

Plus, to ensure comfort and a “barely-there” feel on the part of the wearer, Oakley shades are made of lightweight but durable material.  All this level of careful attention to detail is what keeps Oakley at the top of the heap, and on top of their game.

Some of Oakley’s most patronized product lines are the Oakley Discreet, Oakley Polarized Gascan, Oakley Compulsive, Oakley M Fra me Hybrid S, among others. A lot of words can be used to describe Oakley sports eyewear.  “Cutting-edge”, “functional”, and “comfortable” are just a few which come to mind.  But aside from these, what sets them apart from the rest is that they never compromise on style and, therefore, make people look good while playing.

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