Day 233 – I’m Averaging 10k Per Day

REDFAY 2013My running streak has extended out to 247 days now and it is still going strong with the body and mind both coping very well. Without getting all superstitious or anything, touch wood.

As if running every day wasn’t challenging enough, I decided back around early June that I would also set myself an additional challenge of trying to average 10k per day. At the time I wasn’t too far away from hitting the 10k mark after a relatively slow and, shall we say, tentative start to the year.

Because I wasn’t exactly sure how the body would react to backing up day after day, the first few months included quite a few short days. By the end of April I had managed to average 10k per day for the month and did it again in May.

The realisation that I was sitting just below a round number such as 10k for my average daily mileage was too tempting to ignore. Many of the runs I do on a regular basis tend to fall just short of the 10k mark so I have now taken to continuing on after crossing what would have been the finishing line and doing a 400m to 600m warm down.

The result is many of the runs that just missed measuring 10k are now just over.

Of course, what this means is that I am now aiming at hitting 3650km for the year. As long as the body remains strong for the remaining third of the year this goal should also be achievable.

Running Pace

As far as my running pace is concerned, it has gradually come down over the year. Given that I have been healthy all year and I’m now doing a hell of a lot of running compared to other years, it is hardly surprising that my fitness is also improving. Fortunately it is being reflected in the pace per kilometre figures.

The pace has gone like this over the year:

Month Pace/km
January 5:01
February 4:52
March 4:49
April 4:45
May 4:48
June 4:49
July 4:46
August 4:53

As so often happens, we can see a dramatic improvement in running times for the first 4 months before a levelling off. This might also have something to do with the fact that just about every single run I do now covers at least 10k.

The first half of August has definitely been slower and that is largely due to the fact that I don’t have any races planned. Consequently, each run I do has been done at a consciously sedate pace. I’ve also been exploring new routes to mix things up a bit and that tends to naturally slow me down as I wander down paths and trails that are unfamiliar to me.

With the second half of the month to go and a planned longer training run this coming weekend (21k) I don’t expect my speed to drop much further. However, September and October will herald training for shorter distance races and this should mean that I can expect my average pace to drop.

I would really like to be able to lower my training pace closer to the 4:40 mark by the end of the year.

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