Day 200 – It’s All About Body Management

REDFAY 2013Around 2 weeks ago I celebrated the 200th run in my running streak as part of my REDFAY 2013 challenge. Starting this challenge late last year means that I get to double up on the milestone celebrations. Today is the 200th day of the year and that means it’s the 200th day this year that I have gone out for a run. This is another milestone to be savoured, although only because the number of days actually ends in a ‘00’.

A couple of days ago I participated in an organised race over 6km which was actually a teams event. If I had have been running as an individual I think I would have saved my legs to a certain extent and taken it sensibly. But being a competitive individual I took off like a shot and tried to push it as hard as I could.

Fortunately the run didn’t end in disaster (i.e. pulled hammy or strained calf or what have you) but the result was a couple of very sore and tired legs. Considering I was 5 days out from the Sutherland to Surf it was probably not the most advisable build up I could have come up with.

So to make up for the extra effort on Wednesday I ran by myself yesterday and today at my own more relaxed training pace. The distances were both over 10k so I have managed to stick with my goal mileage but I feel far better for the runs because of the easier pace. I’m still hopeful that a time of around 44 minutes is not beyond the realms of possibility.

This means there are a couple of days to go until the Sutherland to Surf. Tomorrow I will be dropping my car off at the finish line and jogging home – I anticipate a distance of around 13-14k. It’s all about the planning and by parking the car at the finish line I will be able to make a quick getaway.

More and more it is becoming clear that this REDFAY challenge is about body management. Taking for granted that the body feels fine is not enough to ensure that injury isn’t waiting just around the corner. One of my fellow challengees has tweaked a hamstring and is going to have to try to run through it if he is to complete the year’s challenge.

It’s a timely reminder to keep scheduling in the recovery runs every few days to give the body a bit of a break.

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