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Seven Small Pieces of Golf Trivia for the Golf Fanatic

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Are you a golf fanatic?  Who wouldn’t be!  If you love the game of golf, you are going to love this interesting tidbits of information.  Here are seven little known facts about the history and playing of the game for Snappers everywhere.

  1. After golf was invented in the fifteenth century, the first professional game was played in 1774 in Edinburgh.  Only thirteen rules were in place at that time.
  2. Additional rules were added to deal with technological advances.  These include things like shoes, clubs, and more.  For example, golf GPS systems became legal to use in 2005.  At first, they were very expensive.  Now, you can even download GPS software onto your phone, like the Greenfinder golf GPS program!
  3. What’s the oldest golf course in the world?  The Old Links in Scotland has been open for games since 1672.  The oldest course in the United States is the Van Cortlandt in New York City.
  4. Golf was so popular in Scotland that it had to be banned from 1457-1502.  They didn’t want people wasting time on the game when the English invasion was coming.  Scottish people must have been seriously addicted!
  5. You may want to try to enforce this rule on your friends – professional golf players can only carry 14 clubs in their bags during tournament play. Caddies everywhere will thank you!
  6. Your golf ball can weigh no more than 45.93 grams.  It also must be exactly 42.67 mm across in diameter.  Most balls are regulation, but it would be interested to get out a scale and check.
  7. Want to get your score really low?  Try to get these score – three strokes under par is an Albatross, four under par is a Condor, and five under par is an Ostrich.  An Ostrich has never been recorded.

These seven facts are sure to impress your friends.  Make sure you increase your friends’ knowledge by sharing them the next time you go golfing.

Indoor Basketball Goal Ideas

Friday, November 5th, 2010

It would be a great idea to have an indoor basketball hoop in your home. This is great because your kids can play less video games and can play basketball more. This sport can give you the exercise that you need and it can also help you with your concentration. One of the best choices is to go with a Nerf basketball product.

Before you buy an indoor basketball hoop, you need to find the right type for you. The first type of indoor basketball hoop that you buy is the one where you mount it on the wall. This can serve as a decoration as well. You have to consider the place though, where you are going to mount this basketball hoop. Find a place where you can’t disturb people when you play basketball.

You can also buy another type of indoor basketball hoop and that is a portable basketball hoop. Portable basketball hoops are a great alternative to the ones you mount on the wall. You can take this anywhere you want. This is also great for kids because you can adjust the height of the basketball hoop. This means, you can adjust it as your kids grow. Make sure you have enough space to play basketball. Find a durable hoop as well that you can use for a long time. There are many designs and brand that you can choose from. There are many places such as a local sports store that you can buy this. You can also buy this at a toy store for you kids. If you want, you can also buy this online where there are many websites sells indoor basketball hoops. Be sure to choose one that allows for user ratings and comments. That way you avoid buying a goal that is of a low quality.

Help Your Swing With The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Truly, golf is one of those sports that lures in huge numbers of people each year in regards to looking to learn how to play it. On a daily basis, countless individuals are discovering ways in which they could increase their success with this game as there are countless strategies associated with becoming good at it. Those who are in the process of improvement or just starting out with the game ought to seriously consider the advantages associated with using the Medicus driver.

The swing of any golfer can be an incredibly significant asset that needs to be improved upon and understood. There is an incredible level of concentration placed upon having a reliable swinging technique in addition to a practical approach to the game. As such, this is where people begin the process of enhancing their golfing skills.

Known as a training club of sorts, the Medicus driver was designed to allow for a tremendous amount of improvement for any avid golfer. In many cases, this golf club allows for an incredible degree of improvement at any given time. The entire appeal of this driver is one thing that is still growing.

Basically, this golf swing trainer is designed with a dual hinge design that makes it easy to learn on and provides a great degree of improvement. In essence, this kind of design enables you to determine what imperfections are present in the swing which can be often the initial step of improvement.

The slicing of the golf ball is often the biggest issue that many golfer have concerning their golf swing. Thankfully, this driver is something that helps eliminate this harmful act, as the hinge system allows for breakdown at the top in case a slice exists.

This driver also helps to improve upon golf swing tempo. This can be crucial because the speed by which a golf swing happens is important to achieve distance on your shots.

The Medicus driver is also something that assists the process of putting. In essence, putting is influenced by the ease and grace of the swing. Therefore, refining the swing additionally perfects the putt.

Why Wear A Triathlon Suit?

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

The triathlon suit is a fairly loose piece of terminology, as it can refer to several different things. It is sometimes known as a tri suit, and is worn during the cycling and running phases of a triathlon; or the name can be used to refer to the wetsuit used by competitors in the swimming portion of a race. It is worth noting that you will need to research your events very carefully, as some of the shorter events do not allow wetsuits for the swim, and in some warmer triathlons you might, in any case, prefer to wear a lighter “swimskin” to keep you cool. Whatever triathlon suit you are referring to, each type has its own specific purpose and also each has certain advantages.

So for example wetsuits are a great way of providing extra buoyancy during the swim, and of course keep you dry underneath whilst allowing you to increase your speed through the water. They are made from neoprene which is great for reducing drag, and you simply wear the tri suit for the rest of the race under it, so you can peel it off after the first leg and get onto the bike. The shorter races do not tend to have as extensive transition areas as the long ironman events, so you can still lose a lot of time if you wear a wetsuit, and it is easier for the rules to discourage people from wearing them at all, since there would be unfair advantages if some wore them and others didn’t. Mainly it is water temperatures though which dictate whether the wetsuit is allowable, whatever the distance.

The triathlon suits used for the cycling and running are made from technical fabrics, designed to wick moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry, and also to prevent chafing. There are various ways to dress yourself, from the one-piece triathlon suit, to a pair of tri shorts with a singlet, or you could go for full length cycling bib tights, which reach from the shoulders to the ankles. It is completely down to what you feel most comfortable wearing. A lot of people prefer the two garment solution because for the longer races, it’s far easier and less time-consuming using the bathroom.

However, the one piece does have a few race advantages. It will not start to roll down at the waist as you lean over your bike, and this can make it very much more comfortable. Probably the best way to figure out which is best for you is to try a whole range of different types of clothing, both one piece and two piece, until you find something which is just right. The best idea then is to train in the clothing you are going to do your racing in so there are no nasty surprises on race day.

Cheap Tennis Balls for Sale

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Playing tennis is a great sport that is good exercise and if you want it to be, it can be very competitive. If you love to play tennis and spend a lot of time playing, say 3 times a week or more, then undoubtedly you go through a lot of tennis balls. They never seem to last as long as you want and there’s nothing better than playing with a fresh set of balls. If you’re looking to save money by buying cheap tennis balls you have a couple of options.

The first option you have is to look around online for cheap tennis balls. A lot of retailers online will run sales on tennis balls to get you to come to their website and then try and get you to purchase other things in order to qualify for free shipping. Even without the free shipping, buying a bunch of tennis balls on sale is great way to save money. Or if you want to get a small stockpile going you can buy tennis balls by the caseload. Oftentimes, stores will give you wholesale pricing if you buy a case of tennis ball tubes. This is a bit of an upfront investment, but you won’t need to buy tennis balls but a couple of times each year.

The other option is to preserve the tennis balls you play with. Preserve them how? With the Tennis Ball Saver! If you’ve never seen this item, it’s a simple device that will store three tennis balls in a tube and with the screw down lid you can apply a pressure to the balls which will maintain their pressurization. This device may seem like a gimmick, but there have been many happy customers that have written rave reviews which seems to indicate that it really works. The device is only a couple bucks, so it’s still worth a shot to keep your tennis balls fresh.

Inversion Board Vs. Inversion Table

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

If you are looking for ways to make inversion therapy easier and more comfortable, all you need to do is to use an inversion board instead of an inversion table. While hanging upside down can be so uncomfortable to some who doesn’t like full inversion and can sometimes hurt your ankles or being fully inverted is not advisable for your current medical condition, an inversion slant board will help you still get yourself into inversion therapy. Inversion slant boards are available in the market. They are boards which will allow you to be in a slightly inverted position. You will not have to deal will strained ankles and brain rushing through your head causing you to feel dizzy by hanging upside with a teeter inversion table for example.

Inversion boards just like inversion tables must also be used properly. To under do slight inversion is much better than over doing it. When you can start with 5 minutes twice a day for an inversion table, you can do inversion for 10 – 20 minutes twice a day with inversion boards. It will be easier this time because you will be in a more comfortable slight inverted position. You might not even skip one day without using it as much as possible that with what you will possibly do with an inversion table.

Inversion board therapy will provide you equal benefits when you are using inversion tables for inversion therapy. Inversion boards will also relieve back pain, stress and fatigue, reduce compressions, promotes blood circulation, increase over all flexibility and promote good posture. Basically, you will still experience the benefits of hanging upside down while you are in a more convenient position.
There are many different types of inversion boards in the market for you to choose from. Your choice must depend on your needs and your budget as well. Just be sure to get quality and durable inversion boards for your safety.

Ways To Improve Your Workout Sessions With Reebok Reetone Running Shoes

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Running has been one of the most favored workout routines by a lot of women since the previous few decades. To be able to get the most out of your running sessions, you are going to need a great pair of shoes. Since the latest launch of Reebok Reetone shoes, lots of women have been seeking to purchase a pair of them to wear on their training routines.

These sneakers are known to boost the results of their exercise routines up to 28%. These ladies often go to exercise in hopes of getting slimmer and looking better and a pair of Reebok Reetone shoes may just be their perfect companion due to its unique ability to promote muscle activity in the area of thighs, legs and butts.

It’s very unlikely that you will have any injuries equivalent to spraining you ankle or getting blisters on your feet if you wear a pair of shoes made by Reebok. Aside from providing you with maximum comfort, Reebok Reetone footwear are produced with two particular air pockets generally termed as balance pods to provide micro instability to the person wearing them.

Although these effects usually are not noticeable, they really encourage your muscle tissues to work out more as if you were walking on a sandy beach. Investing in a pair of Reebok footwear will certainly be your best option as they’re very well known for their lengthy lifespan and durability of their soles and you will not need to waste your money to get another pair anytime soon.

However, you may discover that the Reebok Reetone footwear costs a few bucks more than regular running shoes but you do need to keep in mind that its quality is also most probably higher than common ones too.

Before you head out to your local department store to purchase a pair, you should try looking in the online retailers because most online stores do offer discounts on their sporting items once in a while. Even if you can’t find one for sale, you should still buy a pair at the normal price as it can absolutely multiply the results of your exercises.

Searching for a pair of Reebok Reetone shoes could be difficult if you have no idea where to look. Learn ways to find one at a cheap price at now.

Best Girls Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Jogging is one of the best exercises to burnoff those extra calories and lose a bit of weight without having to dip too far into your pocket. In fact, it is fair to say that the most expensive thing you will have to buy is a good pair of running shoes. They will be far cheaper than a year’s membership of a gym or sports center – especially as many of these establishments have a rather odd policy of “Sign Up For Twelve Months – Pay For Thirteen!” Though they do count the extra month’s payment as a so-called “signing-up fee”.

It is very important not to try and make your running experience even more cost effective by rooting around in the closet for that old pair of fashion sneakers you used to wear years ago. They may be cheap, but they will do untold damage to your feet, ankles and knees if you are not careful, and especially if you suffer from flat feet.

Flat feet is a common condition where the arches collapse inwards during your normal walking or running motion. The process that sees your foot land on the ground at the midfoot, rotating slightly inwards as you move more weight onto that foot before pushing off the ground to begin your next stride, is called pronation. Since this rolling process is exaggerated in people with flat feet, you will need to buy a pair of girls running shoes for overpronators.

Don’t worry about having flat feet or the opposite problem of high arches; these are very common afflictions, to the point that running shoe manufacturers have three distinct sets of shoes to cater to each group (the third group being the neutral runners).

Running shoes for overpronators offer more stability and cushioning to protect flat feet from excessive shock when jogging, and can also help to prevent joint problems in the ankles and knees due to the extra stresses put on them when the foot and leg are not aligned properly during exercise. Some of the best shoes in the overpronator category for female runners are the Asics GEL-Evolution, the Saucony Grid Stabil (in the stores look for “ProGrid Stabil”) and the Brooks Addiction models. Talk to the staff in the store; they are normally runners themselves and will be able to offer you advice and other options to suit your own personal taste. It is also a good idea, once you have found a pair that works well, to stick with that model every time you replace them.

Ways to add Exercise and Weight Loss to Your Life

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

We spend so much time going mad trying to figure out how to get our daily workout in, and it’s not even something we look forward to in a day.  Day by day we slave ourselves to exercise and weight loss, not really getting the most out of our efforts and certainly not enjoying the experience.  Here are some really neat ways to not just get some exercise, but change our whole lives as well.

Fun Things for the Whole Family to Try

Let’s face it, America as a whole is getting heavier.  This is a fact for children today as much as it is for adults, so why not get the whole family out and about.  Go to the water slide park in the summer, do tons of camping, go skiing, or try out horseback riding.  These are things the whole family can do, and will enjoy the heck out of doing them all together.  Hiking is kind of boring to me, but I do enjoy hunting and let me tell you, gutting any deer or elk you manage to bag is plenty of exercise for anyone, and should you not manage to find anything, you did hoof it all over giving it your best go.  In any event, for your children, you are setting them up for a lifetime of healthy living and also providing them with an abundance of fond memories which they can pass on to their children some day.  Getting kids to turn off the Nintendo and play outside is a whole lot easier if you don’t give them the option in the first place, and I take my nephews and just make them go.  It is easier by far when they are younger, but even still you are the boss, just make them go.  Even sour teenagers can have a good time riding horses or playing ultimate Frisbee. Find things that the family enjoys, we do kendo class with our friends (seriously, those little kids are lethal with a wooden sword!) and it is not only great exercise but a wonderful chance to relax and see our friends.  Spending all your time holed up at your computer is simply avoiding exercise and weight loss, and you are passing on those bad habits to your kids make no bones about it, so get off your tuck and go outside!

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