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The 1K Discus For Sale

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Featured below is a selection of different types of 1K discuses for sale. The aim has been to provide you with an example of each of the different types of discuses that would be required from the training track to competition.

The 1K discuses available for sale below are ordered from the rubber practice discus through the range of rim weights from lowest rim weight to highest.

1K Discuses For Sale

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Black Rubber Discus – Practice

Indoor Rubber Discus

Nelco Rubber Practice Discus

Champion Sports Wood Practice Discus

Laminated Olympic Wood Discus
60-70% Rim Weight

Nelco Super Spin Olympia Discus
80% Rim Weight

Nelco Ultimo Discus
83% Rim Weight

Nelco Black Orbit Stainless Rim Discus
85% Rim Weight

Gill Athletics Pacer Gold Discus
84% Rim Weight

Nelco Gold Discus
87% Rim Weight

Pacer Carbon Discus
90% Rim Weight

Nelco Odyssey Discus
91% Rim Weight

The 1kg discus is the size of the discus thrown by women at the highest level. It is also the discus that is used in US high school track and field meets in the girls events. Boys aged 11-14 throw the 1k discus before they move up to the 1.6k discus as 15-18 year olds while girls throw the 1k discus from 11 to 18 years of age. Moving into the Masters competitions the 1k discus is thrown by men aged 60 and over while Masters women throw the 1k discus up until they are 74 years old.

General Information About the Discus

The competition discus is made of plastic, fibreglass, wood or carbon fiber with a metal rim around the outside. It also has a metal core to provide it with the required weight. A rubber discus may be used by high school competitors and it is also a good, cheap training discus to aid with the learning process.

Generally speaking a discus that has the greater weight distribution towards the rim will attain a greater spin rate giving it greater momentum. The trade-off being that these discuses are more difficult to throw correctly. The rubber discus, because of the evenness of the weight distribution is easier to throw but will not fly as far.

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