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Softball and Summer Is Here

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

When summer comes we know for sure that it is time for a softball quote. More people in the USA participate in softball than in any other sport. Players and wannabes are running around looking for good athletic quotes. Every player and coach, adult or child, male or female, wants to convey the right sentiment and dedication to the game. Apparently, having something catchy and repeatable to live by on (and off) the field is as important as the other major tools of the trade. This cheer leading in the huddle is a key way to pass on good values and team spirit to players.

The internet is full of encouraging softball quotes which inspire one to work hard on the skills and be a team player. Some quotes tell us what winners are made of. Others admonish that defeat is not an option or that if one will just dream about success the reality will follow. These memorable quotes are everywhere that softball is.

Take the softball shirt, for example. Status is wearing a shirt with a feisty team name and a sponsor to support the efforts of players of all ages through the season. And preferably, there will be a slogan to define the team outlook. Putting the shirt on after the season is over brings back the fond memories and the lessons learned.

Softball season makes for a good life metaphor. We are thrilled to get outside and play. The weather may be beautiful, but often it is downright miserable with excessive heat and humidity. No matter. Through it all, we play hard and root for our friends and teams. We put our all into a short time frame, and come away in the fall filled with the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship to carry us through the winter and onward to a new year of softball quotes.

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