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Lacrosse Shots and How to Shoot a Lacrosse Ball

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Have you ever wondered how to shoot a lacrosse ball?  You may have been mesmerized and carried away as you watch along a lacrosse game, but have you ever tried to shoot a lacrosse ball all by yourself? You will feel excited and a little bit proud when you march across the file, carrying a lacrosse stick. Even if it is only for practice, you can feel the thrill and action as you swept to and fro in the field with your heart pounding and your sweats dripping from our forehead.

Your first and primary concern when you want to start your lacrosse gaming career is your ability to aim and shoot the ball in an exact timing. Thus, lacrosse shots need a great skill when it comes on handling your stick.

To start of, you need to hold the stick firmly and correctly. Choose a hand glove that you feel comfortable with. This will ensure a firm grip to the stick, so as not to loose balance and avoid the stick from slipping. Place your bottom hand in the middle of the stick and tilt a little bit the other point. Your other hand should be near the mesh.

When someone passes you the ball, simply raise your front elbow in order to prevent dropping the ball. This also gives you the flexibility when you shoot the ball.

Lacrosse shooting requires the right body disposition. Finally, when you want to shoot the ball to your opponent’s goal, put all your weight in your back foot first and then release it. To do this, twist your hips, waist and shoulder so that can stretch and produce more speed on tossing the ball. Release the ball by extending your arms and snap your wrists as well. Watch as the ball aiming directly your opponent’s goal.

Plenty of training and regular games will improve your shots and your shot selection at a much quicker rate. Trying out the various tips and techniques on a regular basis will hae you shooting much straighter and with far greater confidence.

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