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Prepare For the Hunting Season With Early Season Scouting

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

One of the tasks that should be undertaken before the hunting season starts in earnest is scouting the area you plan to hunt. It’s a great way to get an idea about the habits of the animals that are in the area and where the best spots might be to set up when the season starts.

Spending some time in the field out of season is a great way of learning about the hunting area. It will look vastly different because there will be added foliage but you will also get a great idea of the lay of the land, the feed and water sources, the bedding areas, game trails and population density. All of these factors will be extremely helpful when it comes time to deciding where your focus should be.

Another task that you might like to undertake during this time is the job of setting up suitable spots for trail cameras. Getting these devices set up early will ensure any scent that you might have left will be completely gone by hunting season. Additionally, there are fewer ways of understanding the movements and habits of the animals than by seeing them passing by in their natural surroundings.

A good idea for the early season scouting is to wait until the weather turns inclement and then get out in the heavy rain and wind. The reason for this is that the chances of being detected are going to be greatly reduced in these conditions. Deer movement during these conditions are minimal and the noise you make as you move through the woods will be masked. This gives you a great chance to cut shooting lanes without being heard. The human scent will also be dissipated more quickly under these conditions.

If the weather is fine for an extended period of time, try to do your scouting in the middle of the day when deer and less likely to be moving.

When you are out scouting you should have already assessed the land on a map so you have an idea about the route you are going to take. Take a map with you and then use it to take notes as you go. The notes might indicate bedding areas, rubs and scrape lines as well as game trails. Getting a variety of different locations noted down will ensure that you will be able to take advantage of different wind directions if required.

Getting different locations noted down will also mean that you will be able to use different techniques when hunting. Spot and stalk or watch and wait techniques will be suited to different parts of the hunting area.

Try to go back to the planned hunting area a number of times. This will help because you will get an appreciation for the land under a range of different conditions. As the season change, so does the look of the land and you will also notice things that you missed the previous trip. Growing familiar with the area will also give you an advantage with each succeeding scouting trip helping to understand the location more intimately.

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