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How to Fish Using Jig Heads

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

One tackle popularly known in the fishing industry is the jig head. Jig heads are weighted hooks that come in various kinds and sizes. There are ball styles, darter style, slider style, tube style along with other kinds of jig heads. Catching fish using jig heads is a very effective method. Jig heads are used in various ways to catch almost anything. And they almost always guarantee a good catch. This is proven time and again be anglers, professional or not. However, the weight and shape of the hook are still vital elements that affect a bait performance.

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So how to fish using jig heads? Well, jig heads are basically designed to be tipped with a bait or plastic lure. Despite their weight, they need bait or lure in order to catch fish. Baits are preferred by many anglers because they can easily catch fish. But then again, anything plastic lasts longer than organic materials.

So plastic lures are easier to use and are, in the long run, cheaper than baits. Whether it be bait or plastic, proper tipping your jig head is very essential when you want to have a good catch. How you tip your jig head provides action to your bait or lure. When everything’s well-tipped, it is already time to, well, jig your jig head. Jigging this weighted terminal tackle is simply about the lifting and lowering of your bait or lure. Upon casting your line, you should allow your jig head to go as deep as it can, preferably hitting the bottom. You may also lift your jig head a few feet from the bottom before letting it drop again; repeat until jig head hooks unto something.

Proper ways to fish jig heads depend on the body of water that you will actually fish in. They also depend on the bait or lure that you will use. These two factors will determine the right kind of jig head that is fit for your fishing. A little imagination of how your bait or lure will move under water will also help you in choosing the right kind of jig head. Once you have chosen your jig head you can learn how to catch snapper or striped brass.

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