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The Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch – The Ideal Training Tool To Track and Manage Your Fitness Goals

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

One of the main features of the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor watch is the fact that it can create a daily personal workout fitness plan with the Keep U Fit feature of the watch. If you ever struggled with how much you should exercise on a particular day as well as how hard you should go in your workouts, then the Polar F11 watch might be the sort of fitness tool you are seeking. The polar watch gives you accurate heart rate measurements that allow you to keep track of just how hard you are working out and ensure that you are working hard enough to achieve a fitness gain and more importantly that you’re not overtraining.

The Polar F11 Watch features the WearLink feature that allows you to accurately measure your heart rate. Polar are widely regarded for their excellence in heart rate technology and the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor watch is no exception. The coded transmission allows you to avoid interference from other heart rate monitor watches, and the watch features heart rate zones, that alert you when you and not training at your ideal training intensity. The Polar OwnZone feature also determines what your heart rate zone should be on a particular day.

The Polar F11 watch is capable of measuring calories with the Polar OwnCal feature. This features shows you how many calories you have burned during a session and how many you have burned over multiple workouts. The F11 watch provides you with a summary of workouts including the total amount of time spent in a zone, how many training session you have performed your average and maximum heart rate and the number of calories you have burned in the period. The Polar F11 can store 12 session in memory and has the ability to transfer your data to computer using the SonicLink device.

The Polar F11 heart rate monitor watch, is also a comfortable wrist watch, that features a large digital display that is easy to read during a long hard workout. The watch comes in attractive designs for men and women and features and is a comfortable watch to wear on the wrist. The F11 watch also features a heart rate chest strap that is comfortable to wear and features user changeable batteries without needing to return the strap to the manufacturer for a replacement. Overall, the Polar F11 watch is one of Polar’s most popular fitness watches and has earned it’s popularity for a reason. The F11 watch is the perfect sports timepiece for those who need assistance with their training programs and to track and manage their workouts in pursuit of their goal.

2007 Polaris Ranger Parts

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

There are a variety of items available in a 2007 Polaris Ranger Parts kit and this to ensure an individual gets the best ranger parts and car lighting accessories. The 2007 Polaris Ranger Parts is quite in demand today, the kits consist of a two acro x900 3.5 HID lights that have an inbuilt wiring harness mounting brackets and other hardware for the Polaris ranger. The lights are made with quality materials to match with other strong features in the ranger. They are made to withstand harsh weather and terrain. The lights come in different designs but are made to fit in all rangers. One can choose to have the kit shipped in or they can get it from 2007 Polaris Ranger Parts car dealers.

The kit will be shipped it with all the instructions necessary for individuals to be able to assemble all the parts correctly. It does not come already assembled to make it safe and assure the individual of getting it to him in the perfect condition. All one needs to do is to make sure you follow the instruction given and a bolt up all the parts together and plugging it on.

The wiring harness is fully assembled however when it is shipped in and is made in high quality material and it has high quality temp crimp terminals as well that are covered in adhesive lined shrink tube. The tube allows vibration and weather resistance in case one is in a harsh situation. One is just supposed to hookup two wires and then just plug in the light and turn on the switch and the lights are ready to be used.

Some kits come with not only the lighting kit but also have an improved harness that can connect to stereo, CB’s, GPS and whip lights. The kit has fuse block and fuses that are preinstalled to make it safer to use. The kit comes with the easy to use instructions that show individuals how to use the lighting or the other features that comes with the kit.

Taking Care of Your Climbing Rope

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Avid climbers often accumulate a number of mountain equipment in the years they devote to the hobby. One of the best ways of getting your money’s worth is taking care of said equipment. Not only that, when things go wrong, well maintained climbing gear can be your only chance. With this in mind, one might want to practice these rope care tips:

* Dry climbing rope that has been exposed to moisture as soon as possible. You can drape it over some branches or across your tent’s guy lines. A wet rope loses some of its strength and prolonged exposure to water may produce permanent damage. This is why the sheath of a climbing rope meant for ice climbing is often treated with a process that helps it repel water. Be careful not to dry it under the sun – or God forbid, near the campfire. UV rays and excessive heat will damage it faster than exposure to water.

* Before heading out, inspect the entire length of your climbing rope. Look for cuts, tears, and signs of excessive wear on the sheath. Run it through your fingers and feel for any irregularities. Small nicks are common, especially for ropes used for rock climbing. But if you see a cut that is deep enough to reach the core, you need to get yourself to a climbing gear store soon.

* If the damage is near the end, you are in luck. You can simply cut off the damaged portion and as long as you end up with enough length, you’re still fine.

* After a major fall, use the other end of a dynamic rope. A fall stretches out the fibers and stresses them. Repeated stress over the same area will severely weaken that part of the rope. Switching ends will give one end some time to “rest” and regain some structural integrity as well as elasticity.

* As with all camping equipment, keep your climbing rope clean. Small dirt particles find their way through the sheath and abrade the core. You cannot see it, but dirt is slowly wearing down the fiber. And because it is hidden, it is doubly dangerous.

Some basic care and maintenance tips can go a long way into ensuring the continuous service out of your climbing rope. A little TLC may be all that you need for an enjoyable time outdoors.

Three Types Of Mixed Martial Arts Gloves

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

The mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions of a few years ago were incredibly brutal and violent. They didn’t have any time limit and there weren’t any proper rules governing the sport. As a result, there wasn’t much interest among the general public. However, in recent times, MMA has gained in popularity, as rules were devised, and a system of timed rounds like in boxing matches. Now you will see MMA bouts screened on television under the name UFC.

Getting involved in MMA is something you might want to do for yourself, so you will need to think about what kind of kit you will need to buy. The main gear necessary for MMA training is your mixed martial arts gloves. There are three kinds of gloves and sadly, you can’t just pick one of them and use those for all your training. You will have to buy a pair of each type because they each have different uses. There are punch bag training gloves, sparring gloves and MMA fight gloves.

Bag Training Gloves

These gloves look similar to the usual western boxing gloves you might be accustomed to. They cover the entire hand of the wearer and have plenty of padding to prevent injury during heavy bag work. This is where there are some differences between the two types of glove however. The MMA bag gloves are made from much denser padding and may have a grip bar fitted inside them; there is also a significantly strengthened wrist band on the MMA gloves so overall there is much more protection for the hands and wrists than you’d get with normal boxing gloves. This does not mean you can go ahead and use this type of glove for sparring with a partner however. This should be strongly discouraged as the high density padding can cause serious injury to your training partner. Instead, for two person sparring, you are best off using the next type of gloves.

Sparring Gloves

To begin getting involved in some two person sparring without bashing each other into the emergency room, you are best off wearing a pair of MMA sparring gloves. They have much softer padding than the bag training gloves, so you can train with a partner without either of you picking up an injury. In terms of style, sparring gloves look less like western boxing gloves as they are open at the palm. There are a few different designs available. The first contains the padding at the back of the hand, and attaches using an elastic strap which you fit all your fingers through. The other common type is similar, but attaches to each finger individually via small elastic loops. The sparring gloves are still fairly heavy, due to the generous quantity of padding, and for this reason, they cannot be used in real MMA fights, where glove weights are strictly controlled.

Fight Gloves

MMA fight gloves are sometimes called competition gloves and these are the ones used for serious competitions; they are very lightweight because they have all the protective padding removed. There is a minimal amount of protection for the hands but usually you will have to wear hand wraps under your gloves to satisfy the competition rules. Because MMA involves many techniques such as grappling, throwing and chokes and locks, the fight gloves are fingerless to allow you to use your hands to grip more effectively during a bout. It is best not to use competition gloves for general training with a partner, unless you are very carefully trying to perfect a technique; don’t use fight gloves on a partner for power training as you can cause injuries very easily.

How Much Should You Pay For A Badminton Set?

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Unlike some sports, the equipment needed for a game of badminton is refreshingly affordable — especially when you purchase a badminton set instead of buying equipment piece by piece. However, the cost of badminton sets can vary in price based on the quality and quantity of equipment included. For very basic sets, you may stumble across brands that cost as little as 15 or 20 dollars — which is certainly a steal, but the pieces are likely to break and fall apart fairly quickly.

Middle-range brands of badminton sets can run near 50 dollars; these varieties typically have solid manufacturing standards, and are made of durable materials that hold up well over time. And if you’re serious about playing this ancient sport, you can invest in high-end, tournament-quality sets that cost upwards of 100 dollars. Though such a price tag is steep, the expense reflects in the fine materials and long-lasting construction of the equipment pieces.

When it comes to childhood injuries, sports are prime offenders — whether it means getting walloped on the forehead with a baseball, slipping on a rain-soaked soccer field, or dislocating an arm slam dunking on a basketball hoop. Fortunately, the game of badminton poses little danger for even the youngest players, making it a great activity for kids.

If you buy a badminton set, you’ll get a complete assortment of supplies — including lightweight rackets, cork-based or plastic shuttles, and an easy-to-assemble net; none of these items yield a high risk of injury for youngsters. Once children learn the basic maneuvers for hitting the shuttle with the racquet, they can have hours of fun and entertainment playing out in the backyard.

Although some people play badminton as a low-key recreational activity, the game’s intensity can range from leisurely to downright competitive. If you want a vigorous, skill-building workout instead of an easy back-and-forth rally, buying a badminton set can be your gateway to greater athleticism. Developing a solid swing is a feat in itself; practicing high-speed strokes can help you develop arm strength and shoulder flexibility.

Darting across the court allows you to improve speed, agility, and footwork strategies necessary for badminton as well as other sports. And the longer you play, the greater a cardiovascular workout you get — helping you build aerobic capacity, stamina, and endurance. Of course, these are only a few of the benefits that using a badminton set can bring; to learn about the rest, visit the site Badminton Set Central.

Choosing a Fishing Rod to Catch Trout

Friday, June 25th, 2010

When choosing a fishing rod to catch trout you may not realize just how much the season affects your choice, it does as water levels are different at different times of the year. This means that sometimes the trout may be schooling up a little further from the shore than you expected and you will need a quality trout fishing rod to make extra long casts.

The truth is that in the spring when the water is usually high you will need a longer fishing rod than at other times of year when the water is lower. You do not have to worry though; this doesn’t mean that you will have to purchase more than one fishing rod or one for each season. You can purchase adjustable rods which are just as good as the regular rods and allow you to fish all year round.

If fishing for trout in standard water levels a rod that is four to five and a half foot will suffice. But if you are fishing for trout during high water settings a six to seven foot rod should be used. The longer rod not only gives you a better feel in the fast currents but also it will keep your fly in the area for longer. You may have to add a little weight to your fly to weigh it down a bit if the current is extremely fast. Having a longer rod in these conditions also will give you more casting space if you are using small fishing lures or rigs.

Even though prices for fishing rods can be cheaper on the Internet it is still a good idea to visit a local tackle store to test out the different models that are available. If you are looking for a bargain, tackle stores usually stock fly fishing rod and reel combos, which match a fly rod with a reel to make a package deal. Some stores will even let you take a practice cast or two if you ask nicely. This way you can find a rod and reel that suits your fishing style and you will be much happier with your purchase.

Selecttech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

There are any number of different dumbbell sets available, but for the best possible quality and the best possible workout it is adjustable dumbbells that win hands down. You can buy cheap Bowflex Selecttech 552 dumbbells from a number of places and they are without doubt the absolute best that money can buy.

They may seem expensive but serious trainees know that quality equipment is important.

The beauty of the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells is that they mean we will not have plates all over the place. The system that makes them work is pretty much incredible. We will find that they  are real space savers as well as time savers.

There is no doubt that these adjustable dumbbells are very high end. With many cheap dumbbell sets for sale these are something different. We have the ability to very quickly change the weights and this means that we can perform drop sets alone and go beyond failure in our training very easily.

For maximum results with our training efforts we need equipment that allows us to train as intensely as we possibly can and we will find that the selecttech dumbbells allow us to do exactly that. Anyone who has used them absolutely loves them and there is no doubt that they can further our training goals tremendously.

What we will find is that being able to perform drop sets alone with dumbbells means that we really will be able to maximize our size and strength in the shortest possible period of time. We can perform heavy negatives and then quickly lighten the load to pump out a set easily and with total control.

We can use small increments of weights within seconds and this is at he heart of serious training. Being able to go beyond failure training is easy with the selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbells, and they look amazing as well.

Fit a Backpack Like a Pro

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Getting a backpack may seem like a pretty simple activity to most but you can get technical and get a whole lot more out of any backpack you get. Wether it be a small backpack or a large on there are some things that you should consider in the fitting of a backpack.

You need to first find out what length your torso is, I’ll give you a quick explanation about how to figure this out along with a couple of other tips for finding the right backpack.

Finding the length of your torso will take some assistance. Get a helper to measure from the top of your shoulders to the bottom of your hips, and whala, that is your torso length. Now you can figure out if you need a large or small backpack. There are size specs on most backpacks, so take a look.

Another consideration to take into account is your waist size. A good backpack will transfer most of the weight directly to your hips with the aid of the waist belt. I have not ever seen a waist belt that was not adjustable but if you are really big or really small you will want to make sure that the belt fits. You also need to remember that on a long hike or through general use you will either loose some weight or the foam in the belt will compress. I seem to continually cinch the waist belt tighter as I hike. Make sue that the waist belt is comfortable and does not hit you in any tender spots with sharp edges.

Though not as important as the waist belt the chest strap must also be properly sized and in a good location. This is often more important on women than men for obvious reasons. Most women’s packs take this into consideration.

So weather it be a large or small backpack or if it is a computer backpack or a mountaineering pack. Take into account the ergonomics of the pack for a much better experience. Your back and shoulders will thank you later.

Who Needs a Treadmill Mat

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Anyone who owns a treadmill or other exercise machine should have a rubber treadmill mat. Some people see rubber as the ideal material since it is durable and the surface of the mat makes it easy to wipe clean after months of accumulating dust and sludge dripped from inside the exercise machine. There are certainly other materials that these mats are made of. Some type of PVC foam mat is popular among exercise equipment owners as well. But anyone with a treadmill at home should especially consider purchasing a treadmill mat for the many benefits it offers which include but are not limited to the extension of the life of your treadmill.

It is very important that the treadmill equipment mat is of a decent size to match the equipment. Most sizes are standard so it should not be very hard to find the right size. It is also possible to go with a larger than necessary size if that is the only size available. A standard home treadmill will require a mat that measures 6.5 feet long by 3 feet wide. If you purchase a larger treadmill than the standard home machines then you will need to get a larger mat which will cost a little more considering all the other factors such as material and quality are equal.

A properly sized mat prevents slippage which defeats the purpose of the mat since it is suppose to help keep your floors from being scratched by the machine. It is also important that the mat offers enough cushioning for the treadmill especially during use. This means enough thickness and buoyancy in the material so it doesn’t compress too easily. Poor materials might be advertised as extra thick mats but once you put a treadmill on top it could simple flatten out and thus do little absorb the shock generated by the treadmill.

Buying a thick treadmill mat could be a good idea, particularly if you own an older treadmill, because it will help keep the treadmill stable. The thicker the treadmill mat the more protection your floor will have and the more stability you will get for the treadmill itself. You will also have more chance of soaking up sweat and oil stains with a treadmill mat that is on the thicker side.

Perhaps you don’t like the look of a treadmill mat on the floor and would rather something that is a little more subtle. This is where products like a clear treadmill mat will come in handy. It will still perform the same task as a standard treadmill mat but it won’t be quite so visible.

Whichever home treadmill mat you choose to buy make sure it is large enough to perform the job properly. You don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of buying a mat with the expectation that you will be protecting your floors only to find out that it is too small and the floors are damaged or stained anyway.

Getting the Proper Exercise Bike Seats

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Getting the right exercise bike seat is really important when you want to have quality control and maintain your posture and spine in the right ways. There are specific bikes designed to work out your body in many different ways. You would be able to have a great exercise experience when you are using the right kind of bike seats. You will feel better and be able to work out longer, making a positive investment in your own long-term health.

Most exercise bikes tend to be poorly designed and they tend to be extremely uncomfortable for many bike riders. There has been a huge hype about exercising and especially biking as they can be done indoors and at your own ease. Biking is known to be a great cardiovascular workout, making it a quick and easy way for many people to get their blood flowing and get that daily exercise in. There are great cardio vascular benefits if you are cycling freely or if you are cycling indoors.

Cycling outdoors is always the preferred option, getting out into the fresh air and having the wind cool you down while riding. It is a great source of exercise for young riders too, a terrific introduction to the value of exercising. So exercising outdoors is always better for children than playing video games indoors or watching TV. Proper riding bikes with strong seats are indeed important to get one going through with exercises.

This will help children to develop appropriate cardio movements and help them elevate any form of pain or numbness that can come up with ordinary biking. Even men and women of all ages can be comfortable with using an exercise bike if the seats are structured carefully. Biking and spinning classes bring great exercising experiences for people. In the long run they keep you fit and ward off obesity. So it is always a healthy habit to get into them.

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