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Injinji Original Weight No Show Socks Review

Monday, July 15th, 2013

My quest to try new pairs of socks for the ultimate in running comfort has led me straight to the Injinji line. I spoke about my reasons for wanting to try the toesocks from Injinji here. Well, today I received delivery of the first pair of socks that I have bought so far which happened to be a pair of Injinji No Show socks. There was no time like the present so I took them for their first run to gauge their performance.

Featured below is my in-depth review of the Injinji Original Weight No Show socks starting from my impressions upon opening the package to how they felt while on their first couple of runs.

You can buy Injinji Original Weight No Show running socks here.

About Injinji No Show Socks

Here is what the company printed on the packaging of the socks. According to the packet the Injinji no Show running socks feature a 5 toe fit system. This system is made up of the following features

• Anatomic 5 toe design properly aligns toes, prevents blisters and promotes proper posture and balance.
• LYCRA fiber dual welt band with increased compression that holds sock in place.
• Mesh top provides maximum ventilation and breathability.
• Reinforced heel and toes along with COOLMAX Xtra Life fiber for increased durability.
• Designed to support arch.
• 55% Polyester, 40% Nylon, 5% Lycra

The package also reminds us that Original Weight is a moderate interface, everyday performance sock.

Here is a look at the socks as they were appeared in their packaging when I opened them.

Injinji No Socks In packet

The socks are certainly thin, thinner than the running socks I have been wearing and this gives them a lightweight feel. The inclusion of the LYCRA means that there is some stretch to the socks and this also keeps the weight down.

I was very impressed to find that there are no seams around the toe region which is a typical problem with many traditional running sock. Many is the time I have pulled on a pair of socks only to find that either side of the sock has a honking big knot that rubs on the smallest and largest toes. These socks have no pronounced seam and that bodes very well for its chances on being comfortable.

The Injinji No Show Running Sock Colour Range

This might be a good time to provide you with a look at the complete range of colours that are available in the Injinji No Show running sock line. I bought the Grey socks but they’re only 1 of 9 different options. Seven of the nine color options are made using the CoolMax XtraLife fiber while the Oatmeal and the Charcoal options are made using Nuwool Australian Merino wool. Here they all are below.

 Injinji No Show White Socks  Injinji No Show Teal Socks  Injinji No Show Pink Socks
 Injinji No Show Grey Socks  Injinji No Show Green Socks  Injinji No Show Blue Socks
 Injinji No Show Oatmeal Socks  Injinji No Show Charcoal Socks  Injinji No Show Black Socks

Putting The Socks On

Not surprisingly, putting these socks on is a little more involved than what you might find with a more traditional pair of socks. First of all, you’ve got to line each toe up properly so they go into their assigned spot. Once the toes are partway in you need to individually push the material down so that the toe is fully fitted into each sleeve.

I’ve got to admit, when I pulled the socks on for the first time and had them properly adjusted to my toes it felt a bit strange. That stands to reason seeing as how I have never worn these types of socks before so I would expect them to feel somewhat different.

At this point, too, I should add that I already have a bit of a problem with athlete’s foot so the skin between my toes is a little tender. For a few minutes after putting the socks I was acutely aware of the material between my toes.

The Socks On the Run – First Run

For my first run with my Injinji socks I decided to wear my old Asics Kayanos. I’ve owned these shoes for over 2 years and they have done around 700-800kms including a marathon. They are definitely molded to my feet and a reliable pair of shoes over the longer distance.

I went for a 10k run at a moderate pace so that I could get a real feel for how they performed. My overall consensus was very positive with a few observations to be made.

Firstly, I wear a size 11.5 shoe so the socks are Larges which are designed for a shoe size range of US 11-13. They fit fine and felt fine when I was walking around and stretching before my run. The first 500m of my run is a reasonably steep downhill gradient and I couldn’t help but notice that the socks were allowing my feet to move just slightly within the shoes. This is not something I have noticed with other socks before and while it didn’t hurt my feet or affect my running style, it was noticeable. This could be attributable to the newness of the socks and is something I will keep in mind as the socks get older.

Once I hit flat ground there was no movement within my shoes and the socks felt very comfortable. I felt the socks sort of settle and the slight movement first noticed subsided. This could also have been due to heat and perspiration causing the slipperiness of the brand new material to be reduced.

The initial feeling that came with getting used to the toes quickly disappeared and after the first kilometre they just felt normal.

The Socks On the Run – Second Run

The second run with the socks was a couple of days later and I wore my Nike Free 3.0 shoes. These shoes are around 5 months old and I have done just over 300km in them. I have a feeling they are responsible for a painful callus on the end of my second toe (which is longer than my big toe…I’m abnormal) but other than that they are very comfortable shoes.

The slippage issue that I noted on my first run was completely absent this time and the socks performed very nicely. I have quickly become used to putting the socks on as well as the feeling on the toes.

There was one issue that I noticed after the run. I have already mentioned that I was suffering from a case of athlete’s foot and this involves peeling skin between my toes. The skin was stinging between my little toe and its neighbour following this run and I believe it has happened because of the material from the socks irritating the damaged skin.

I can’t blame the socks for the small amount of discomfort that I’ve experienced because it was really caused by a pre-existing condition. Using the socks has highlighted the problem and has prompted me to get it treated properly.

My recommendation is to get any skin problems fixed before using these socks if you want to avoid any irritation.

They Keep Your Feet Dry

The socks are thin but not overly so. They allow you good feel and natural movement within the shoes. But it wasn’t until I reached around the 8 or 9 k mark that their true strong point became clear. Although sweat was pouring down my face and running into my eyes (as is normal on most runs) my feet were going through a different experience.

The socks were still completely dry at the end of the run. This is going to be a big plus when running in the warmer months because hot and sweaty feet can be a problem. The wicking performance of the socks was impressive but I’ll be interested to see how they perform over a longer run and on a warmer day.

When I took the socks off at the end of the run I was interested to find that they were virtually gripping my toes and had to be peeled off. This is obviously part of the key to preventing blisters because there is no movement between skin and material.

No Raised Seams

I think this is something worth highlighting again – there are no noticeably raised seams anywhere on these socks. The absence of raised seams anywhere on the socks ensures they are completely comfortable. The toe sleeves are only an issue in as much as I had never used them before. I quickly adapted to the feeling of each toe being “held” and it wasn’t a problem at all after about a kilometre of running.

I will also be interested to see if there will be any improvement in the health of my toes which have become pretty knocked around from running every day.

Take Care After Washing Your Socks

This warning may possibly sound obvious to some people but it’s better to mention it and avoid the problem rather than assume people will notice.

Injinji toe socks are left and right foot specific.

This is important because it means you’re going to have to be careful to match up the pairs back up again after they have been washed together.

You don’t want to throw them into your gym bag only to find when it comes time for your run that you have two left foot socks or two right foot socks. That will definitely make your run an uncomfortable one.

Let Your Toes Be Individuals

The bottom line is that it is surprising that running socks featuring individual toes weren’t introduced earlier. It makes sense that the toes should be allowed to perform independently of each other and be protected from rubbing against each other while they do it. We pull on a pair of shorts with our legs in separate holes and the same with gloves so why not socks?

The price is reasonable at around $12.00 a pair.

After trying these socks a couple of times I can safely give them the thumbs up for runners no matter what their ability might be or how serious about running they are.

More Customer Reviews

If you’re not convinced by my experiences you might like to read more customer reviews at

Although I am mainly concerned with the running socks produced by Injinji this is not all the company focuses on. Injinji also makes a line of trail socks, yoga socks, liner socks and compression socks. For the complete range of socks made by the company as well as far more information about each you should visit the Injinji website.

I’m Buying Some Injinji Running Socks

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

There’s always something new to try out when it comes to running equipment and apparel and while I can’t bring myself to wear a pair of Vibram Five Fingers running shoes, a pair of Injinji Toesocks kind of has some appeal. It’s time for me to update my socks and I have ordered some Injinji’s online. I’m just waiting for them to arrive.

The Search For Comfort

I’ve figured that I tend to spend a fair amount of time and effort (not to mention money!) on my running shoes so it would stand to reason that I should make an effort to complete the deal with a good pair or running socks. If I’m going to be on my feet for long periods of time, my socks are going to play an integral part in their comfort. So I’m prepared to pay a little more than what I have in the past (under $20 for a pack of 3 pairs) to ensure my feet feel good.

It makes sense that a good pair of running socks is a very important addition to the runner’s kit. After all, it’s the socks that are actually in contact with the foot every step of the run. Blisters, sweaty feet and blackened toes are all going to be minimized with the help of a good pair of socks.

I’ve started with the Injinji brand and the difference between these socks and other types of running socks is blindingly obvious when you see them. They come complete with toe sleeves.

A big deal (at least for me) is that no-one needs to know that I’m wearing what looks like gloves on my feet. Once they’re in my shoes they will look like normal run-of-the-mill running socks.

I can see that socks that encase each individual toe will keep the feet drier and that should result in a more comfortable running experience. By all accounts from those who have been using them they are particularly comfortable.

…And So I Have Ordered…

The socks that I have already ordered are a couple of pairs of Original Weight Run 2.0 Mini Crew socks (in Mariner Blue) and a pair of Original Weight Micro socks (in Grey). I was curious to see what the difference was between the two styles. To finish off the comparison test I have also ordered a pair of No Show socks in Original Weight (also in Grey).

Here is a look at each style of sock to get a visual idea of how they might differ from each other. Obviously the No Show socks are significantly smaller than the others and should align with the tops of my shoes, the Run 2.0 Mini Crews feature a breathable mesh section and the Sport Micro socks are a standard looking material.

Injinji Micro Crew SocksRun 2.0 Mini Crew Socks (Mariner Blue) Injinji No Show SocksRun 2.0 No Show Socks (Grey) Injinji Sport Micro SocksSports Micro Socks (Grey)

When all three styles of socks have arrived I will take them for a few test runs so that I can compare them. I will be reviewing each of the different styles and will endeavour to make comparisons between the lot of them.

The Injinji running socks have been designed in three different weights giving runners the choice of thicknesses:

• Light Weight

• Original Weight

• Mid Weight

The recommendation is that the Original Weight socks are the ones that have been designed for the everyday runner and will perform well over most distances and all terrains. They have also been designed to be paired with all types of running shoes making them the ideal type of all-purpose running socks. As their website says, the Original Weight socks are ideal for the first time Injinji experience and that is good enough for me.

For the record the Light Weight socks have been designed for the minimalist and barefoot style of runners. The socks are ideal for running in milder temperatures and over shorter distances. They add minimal weight while providing maximum performance and protection.I own a couple of pairs of minimalist shoes and these types of socks might be perfect for them.

The Mid Weight socks are the most cushioned option and have been designed to provide plenty of protection for the foot. They are designed for people who require a great deal of padding when running over longer distances or when engaging in a hard workout.I don’t believe I need a pair of Mid Weight socks knowing that I am not a fan of thicker running socks as a rule.

About Injinji’s Sock Technology

Here is what the company says about the technology behind its design. The individual toes are referred to as AIS or its Anatomical Interface System. This has been used so that the toes are allowed to be separated while protecting them with an anti-friction membrane that is lightweight and breathable.

The seamless construction means that the sock is able to contour the curves of the foot and with the individual toes built in, that means from the heel right the way to every toe. The individual toe sleeves allows each toe to be activated which means the entire foot will be biomechanically correct in its movement. Activation of the toes also means that the foot will be more stable and will be capable of better grip.

These socks are made using COOLMAX® XtraLife fabric to help keep the foot dry and comfortable for longer. Added to that is LYCRA fiber to ensure a better fit which adds to the comfort of the sock. For superior durability the socks have also been made with COOLMAX® XtraLife fabric which means that it will continue to perform after the socks have been worn and laundered repeatedly.

All of the above comes straight from the manufacturer which gives you a pretty good summary of what the socks have been designed to achieve.

How Good Are The Injinji Socks?

Do they work? There’s a question that everyone wants to know and when you take a look at the Amazon website you get a pretty definitive and resounding YES. How do I know this? When you check out the customer reviews section for the Original Weight Mini Crew socks you can see that there have been 287 customer reviews left, of which only 6 were 1 star reviews and 10 were 2 star reviews. Conversely there were 197 5 star reviews.

So by any measurement you would have to say that the Injinji socks are extremely good socks and definitely worth pulling on for a test run.

3 Awesome Oregon Ducks Fan Items

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

When you love your home team, you want to show it.  A celebrated way to show your support is to buy trademarked sweatshirts, hats, jerseys, t-shirts, and pants.   There is a wide variety of team apparel on the market today.  Among these types of clothing there are some choices that are more popular than others.

When donning Oregon Ducks wear as a true fan you are showing your support in the best way possible.  In order to do this with style, read on for information on the three types of apparel that are the best to wear.

1.  One must own an Oregon Ducks jersey if they are to be considered a genuine fan.  This is one of the top ways to show your team spirit, proven by the sheer volume of fans that are wearing their Ducks jersey on game day.

2.  Almost just as popular is the Oregon Ducks hat.  Its popularity rises from its versatility, as it can be worn with any other Ducks clothing you may choose to wear.  The Ducks hat can be worn on any given day, allowing you to support your favorite team all the time, whether it is game day or not.

3.  Always in style are the Ducks hoodies.  These hooded sweatshirts will keep you warm on the coldest and rainiest day in Oregon while still rooting for the Ducks.  Made with extremely comfortable and warm material this piece of team apparel will keep you toasty while boasting your support for the Oregon Ducks.

Purchasing hooded sweatshirts, hats, and jerseys, emblazoned with the Oregon Ducks logo and colors, is a great way to show you support your Oregon Ducks college football team.  Whether on the sidelines or in the stands, wearing team apparel will show the crowd who you root for without a doubt.

Stand Out with your Red Swimsuit

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Red is the color of love, passion, blood, and power. It is a very influential and dominating color. This the reason why red swimsuits are becoming the latest fashion trend among young women who want to appear sexy, hot, and dominating in the beach or the pool area. A red swimsuit is the perfect attire if you want  to get noticed by the people around you, or the cute guys in the area. While others wear common swimwear colors, stand out with your red swimsuit.

Red swimsuits are increasing in popularity because they are just so easy on the eyes and nice to look at especially if they have cute styles. You can find in many stores the red swimwear for you, from monokinis to bikinis, and tankinis, and even swimdresses. You should also be able to find one with the cut and style that will emphasize your assets like halter tops, padded tops, short skirts, hi-cut bottoms, or deep v-cut tops. The red bikinis and monokinis will look good on women with slender bodies or petite structure. Women who are chubby or plus size, can wear red tankinis, or bikinis with boy leg cut bottoms, or swimdresses. And to be more fashionable enough, you can accessorize yourself with a hat, or sun glasses, or wooden necklaces to complement your red swimsuit. People will not be able to resist noticing you as you walk by or as you surface from the water because you will look gorgeously hot in your red swimsuit. And those cute guys won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.

So if you want to get noticed and be a trendy in the beach, wear a red swimsuit that will look perfect on you body’s built. Why settle for something common if you can stand out, right? Shine in your own way by being confident in your red swimsuit.

Maximizing Slope Time: How To Buy The Proper Ski Jackets

Friday, November 19th, 2010

The only thing that can be detrimental to the fun on the slopes for a skier is whether or not he or she is wearing the proper clothing gear. The most vital to providing comfort and ease on a skier is the jacket. With the potential of a variety of pitfalls, a skiing fan needs to make sure that his or her jacket is weather and sport appropriate. Here are a variety of tips designed to help  buyers determine what the right ski jacket will be that is suitable to their purposes as skiers.

1. Fit
The most important part of picking out the jacket itself, the fit is going to determine whether or not the jacket is even a contender. The strongest point to remember is that when trying on the jacket, it needs to fit loosely. The fact that there will be layers and layers of clothes on under the jacket need to be taken into consideration. Make sure there is room enough in the fit of the jacket for these layers so that it fits snugly but also allows for movement. Also, make sure the cuffs fight tightly. There will be gloves underneath the cuffs, but it is important not to allow for any room in between so that snow does not get in. The fit itself is what will provide the insulation, so ensuring the jacket meets these requirements is the most important factor in determining what to buy.

2. Material
Because snow is cold and wet, the material of the coat itself needs to be compatible. Ensuring that the jacket is both waterproof and wind resistant is going to also be what affects the warmth and insulation of the skier. Coats made of Gore-Tex are viable contenders to suit these needs.

3. Convenience
Because most skiers are going to be spending hours and even an entire day on the slopes, it is important to make sure that the jacket can accommodate all of the items a skier needs throughout the time on the slopes. A plethora of pockets for item storage will be invaluable. Also, look into bonus features that jackets have. The North Face, one of the top ski jackets brands of clothing for outdoor sports, has jackets specifically designed to lock out snow and cold through internal wrist skirts. Others have zippers that are used for ventilation to allow for ease in breathing and cool down during elevated levels of activity.

4. Style
This is completely up to the buyer, but there are many different manufacturers that tailor to different designs and tastes. While some would like a jacket that matches their snowboarding pants, the only point that is all-encompassing for any skier is to make sure that the color will stand out on the mountain. This allows for easy detection in an emergency.

The best point to remember is to be warm and have fun. Stay safe and enjoy the slopes!

For Sports, It’s Got To Be Oakleys Sunglasses

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

All sportspeople require equipment to play their sport.  Golf clubs, surfboards, and shoes are just a few obvious examples.  For sportsmen that play in harsh environments, one accessory is more of a requirement than a fashion accessory – sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a vital accessory of sports buffs, since the latter are exposed to extreme environmental variables.  It is for this reason why manufacturers have developed eyewear that is exclusively designed with the sporty individual in mind, with the aim of addressing and, perhaps, limiting the occurrence of any optical problems resulting from re gular and strenuous outdoor activities.

Whether the sport requires intense activity or simple extended exposure under the sun, these sunglasses allow an athlete to perform better by protecting their vision.

Sunglasses, as the name suggests, are basically used to protect the eyes from the sun’s damaging glare.  The brightness of the sun, by itself, can already be a major distraction in most outdoor sports and can interfere with one’s focus on the particular activity at hand.  Coupled with harmful ultraviolet light, consistent unprotected exposure to these rays WILL damage overall vision.

Regular sun exposure for varying lengths of time eventually takes a toll on one’s optical health.  To mention, sun exposure is also one of the leading cause of cataracts.  Impeccable vision is required by any sportsperson.  And their main ally against the sun is a pair of sunglasses.

Aside from the sun, sportspeople al so have to contend with profuse sweating.  Such is part and parcel of an athlete’s life.  This can also cause other distractions for them – moisture build-up, blurred vision from sweat getting into the eye, sunglasses slipping off, among others.

As such, sports eyewear manufacturers have added new features to improve the sunglasses’ grip on the face, thereby sealing-off sweat and lessening further distractions during active play.  Other customizations were also implemented, such as adjustable and changeable nose pieces, form-fitting frames, and rubberized contact points.

Oakley sunglasses is the most popular brand in the sports eyewear industry.  As one of the first to focus on sports eyepieces, Oakley has carved out a very comfortable niche in the industry and in every sportsperson’s consciousness.  It has become THE “eyepiece of choice” of serious sports enthusiasts, and more so by well-known celebrity athletes.

Although there are other brands in the market — the material, craft and technologies employed by Oakley are of an unparalleled quality, unmatched by any other.  Some of the patented technologies employed by Oakley are: (1) High-Definition Optics that lets one see more clearly without the feel of prescription lenses; (2) Hydrophobic lenses that repel moisture and keep way oil and debris; (3) Impact Protection; (4) Photochromic lenses that adjust to the changing light; and (5) Oakleys polarized sunglasses that block glare by the sun and reflected unto water and pavement.

Plus, to ensure comfort and a “barely-there” feel on the part of the wearer, Oakley shades are made of lightweight but durable material.  All this level of careful attention to detail is what keeps Oakley at the top of the heap, and on top of their game.

Some of Oakley’s most patronized product lines are the Oakley Discreet, Oakley Polarized Gascan, Oakley Compulsive, Oakley M Fra me Hybrid S, among others. A lot of words can be used to describe Oakley sports eyewear.  “Cutting-edge”, “functional”, and “comfortable” are just a few which come to mind.  But aside from these, what sets them apart from the rest is that they never compromise on style and, therefore, make people look good while playing.

Blue mirror sunglasses are those looking for something a bit different and definitely cool.

Finding Comfortable and Fashionable Tennis Clothes For Women

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Tennis clothes for women can be either frilly or streamlined. The choice is up to the woman wearing it. The one constant thing we can say about women’s tennis wear is that they are not what they used to be years ago. They no longer wear the long tennis dress which was the norm during the early part of the past century. The fashionable thing to do now is to be as comfortable as possible while playing tennis. Manufacturers of tennis clothes are creating advancements in terms of breathability and absorption of sweat but they do acknowledge the fact that they have to keep their tennis clothes fashionable.

Women in England used to wear tennis clothes that were considered formal. As time went on and television was invented, the matches began to be shown live and women wanted to be as fashionable as possible on-camera. Amateur players also wanted to copy the tennis clothes that the pros were wearing.

The well-known makers of tennis clothes and fitness wear use synthetic fabrics to create their apparel. This is because it brings the comfort that is so desired. Fashion is an important thing but it only comes second to comfort.

Tennis clothes for women come in many colors and styles. Manufacturers of it create collections for spring and summer. White ceased to be the only color worn for tennis.

It was the years following 1980 when women started wearing tennis clothes consisting of short skirts that came in various color and designs. Of course the amateurs were quick to follow their favorites. Everybody wanted to be in on the new fashionable thing. It also helped that these tennis clothes were known to help the players have a better game.

The tennis clothes were supposed to make the women feel both comfortable and confident. They provided the players with a free-fluid movement and a lot of styles to choose from.

When looking for your tennis clothes, you may want to consider the frilly ones or the streamlined ones depending on the kind of figure that you have. The designers are coming out with fabrics that will keep your sweat at bay. Some tennis clothes can even be worn off the court. If you play during colder weather, danskin dance tights might be one option to consider.

It is possible to get the same designs as the bigger brands without having to pay as much. Just look for makers of women’s tennis clothes that look almost the same as the name brands but are reasonably priced.

Brooks Glycerin 8: The Running Shoes for All Runners

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

The Brooks Company never failed their most valuable costumers when it comes to their very own running shoe products. They strive hard to achieve perfection on each of their items. Every now and then, they do research and make several experimentations just to assure the safety and quality of each innovative material used to make a perfect running shoe. Just recently, they were able to produce the newest version of Brooks running shoes, which is the Brooks Glycerin 8.

The Brooks Glycerin 8 was first released in the market last December 2009. However, just a few months after it was released, the shoes already received the “Editor’s Choice” award by the Spring 2010 issue of Shoe Guide, which was off the news stands last February 2, 2010.

Even before the item was released, several runners were already excited to get their own pair of Brooks running shoes and check the item’s capability. What makes more and more runners eager to get their own Brooks Glycerin 8? If you do not own one yet, then perhaps you are the only one who does not know how life changing these shoes can be.

Let’s try to dissect how these shoes were made running shoes for all sorts of runners.

First, the most popular reason why several runners like this shoe is because of its innovative technology called Brooks DNA. This is what makes these shoes perfect for all runners since it improves the capability of the shoe to adapt to the runner’s demands and needs. This neutral bar provides ample cushioning and comfort for runners of all sizes and speeds. It can support the feet with fast and hard strike, while it can provide a smooth ride for runner’s with mild running pace. The Brooks DNA works along the BioMoGo midsole, which was the first-ever biodegradable midsole that was made for running shoes. Talk about an eco-friendly shoes? Then, that could be the Brooks Glycerin size 8. However, other running shoes made with these biodegradable midsoles include the Brooks Infiniti Size 10.

Other than the Brooks DNA and BioMoGo materials, these shoes are also made with an Element Mesh that provides a breathable microfiber material to keep the runners feet feeling comfortable. This material can also withstand any acts of nature, so there’s no problem using it under a heavy rain, or striding along muddy or grassy pathways.

Providing maximum comfort to all types of runners, Brooks Glycerin is a must to own. They also come in different designs and color that does not only make the shoes a comfortable shoe, but, as well as, a cool and personalize shoe for all runners. There’s no other shoe better than the Brooks running shoes, try it and believe it yourself!

New Balance Womens Running Shoes

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

There have been many additions by New Balance to the women’s running shoe market lately, which include the latest style trends, improved heel and toe cushioning, and an all-around snug fit for women everywhere. In the past few years, there has been a great deal of innovation in running shoes for women, but New Balance has really been the trend-setter in this area recently. Let’s take a look at some of the best New Balance womens running shoes available for purchase.

New Balance 9500 – This stylish shoe is the newest addition to the New Balance women’s running shoes family. With a great built-in response system that cushions the foot on the needed pressure points, the 9500 is sure to be a favourite of women interested in running. With the maximum of breathability and durability, New Balance has gone out of its way to ensure that these shoes become the penultimate running shoes for women. The Flex Grooves on the bottom of the shoe also allow for ultimate flexibility, which will be beneficial for the various styles of runners on the road today.

New Balance 993 –  If you foresee yourself putting a great deal of miles on your running shoes, there may be no better running shoe designed for a woman than the New Balance 993. Its advanced cushioning over the length of the shoe provides runners with an experience of little-to-no pain when they are making their long treks. The pigskin/mesh upper part of the shoe allows for ample moisture wicking that will keep your feet dry throughout the length of your run. The patented ABZORB DTS system caters to those women who heel strike and need the extra cushioning in the back part of the shoe. The developers of the 993 have really thought of it all when it comes to what women need in running shoes.

New Balance 587 – One of the most popular shoes in New Balance’s line for women runners is the 587. The New Balance 587 gives women runners the stability they need to make those long distance runs seem less taxing on the body. With the patented ROLLBAR technology, motion control is not a problem with this shoe. Great comfort for the heel striker is another of this shoe’s great attributes, as it continues to prove that it is tailor made for women runners.

New Balance 760 – If it is maximum comfort and cushioning that you are after from your women’s running shoe, look no further than the New Balance 760. Combining a terrific foot stability system with ABZORB DTS technology, the runner gets one of the most advanced running shoes for women. With a great support system that allows for a smooth transition from heel strike to toe lift, the 760 is one of the pre-eminent New Balance women’s running shoes available today.

Best Places To Buy Pro Sports Apparel

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Buying pro sports apparel is a great way to show support for your favorite team. Or perhaps the whole league, whether it’s the NBA, NFL,NHL, or whatever you watch. pro sports apparel is great for a number of reasons. It’s of course perfect for wearing during a game, whether you’re actually in the stands, or watching at home with your family, or watching at a party at a friend’s house.

But pro sports apparel also makes excellent casual everyday wear. At the same time, it can be good for exercising or playing in a casual sport league of your own. Whatever the reason, it’s great to wear pro sports apparel to show your team spirit. So where are the best places to buy this wear?

First, you can always check with the team itself. If you’ve ever been to a major pro sporting event, you’ve no doubt seen not only the team gift shop, but plenty of vendors spreading out within a few blocks of the venue. You’ll find a great amount of selection of pro sports apparel just around the pro sporting events themselves.

But sometimes, game day prices are a bit high. And what if you don’t live near your favorite team, or want to buy a gift during the off season? There are plenty of stores that specialize in sports apparel. These stores are often found in malls, or in conjunction with a sports equipment store.

Finally, you can search online, and this is one of the best places to find good pro sports apparel – largely because online retailers give you access to all of the different stores across the nation (and world) that sell what you’re looking for.

This gives you access to almost every piece of pro sports apparel that is available. You can find apparel for teams in almost any major league, in many different sizes (adult, women’s, kids, and in a few cases, pet clothes). From t-shirts and sweatshirts to track jackets and ski caps, if you can think of an item of pro sports apparel that you’d like to own, someone probably makes it.

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