An Insight on Soccer Scholarships in America

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and its gaining popularity in the United States with each coming day, MLS and good performances by the national team has contributed to the popularity of the game. The number of soccer scholarships in America is also increasing in order to ensure the grooming of young soccer players and keeping the sport alive in the country.

All sports scholarships require that the student should complete the complete course of study while playing for his school. The requirements of soccer scholarship are the same.

How to Get a Soccer Scholarship in America?

Only skill won’t do here, as it is with every sport, the desire and passion to exceed is the most important thing in soccer. The coaches when the players are in their mid teens, start exploring the chances of getting a soccer scholarship. There are rather strict academic rules required for those who are looking to get a soccer scholarship in America. The soccer players should also concentrate hard on their studies along with soccer. The foreign students, whose native language is not English, would be required to have an impressive score on TOEFL in order to qualify for a soccer scholarship.

Which Institutions Offer Soccer Scholarship in America?

Many colleges offer scholarships and financial help for soccer players, who play in the school’s team. Soccer, like other college sports is categorized into different levels. Here is an account of the levels:

NCAA 1: The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) level one is the biggest, with all the major colleges and universities complete here. The scholarships offered in this level are the best.
NCAA II: It is one step down than the level 1. Smaller institutions compete here. However, the scholarships are very healthy

NCAA III: the last level, they do not offer soccer scholarships as such but offer assistance in academics. They also provide grants and opportunities for on campus jobs.

NAIA: The NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) is much like to NCAA II

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