Amphipod RunLite 4 Hydration Belt

Providing your own supply of water or electrolytes is a very important part of training for a marathon or other long distances. One of the leading products that allow you the luxury of carrying water bottles and other nutrition items is the Amphipod RunLite Hydration Belt.

The Amphipod RunLite Hydration Belt offers the runner a number of huge reasons why you should choose this belt ahead of some of the others. For the marathon and half-marathon runner who is putting in significant mileage each run the RunLite 4 Hydration Belt will provide the ideal amount of fluid and will do so with a comfortable and customizable way.

Belt Features At A Glance

• SnapFlasks™ “click” in and out with one hand
• 100% leak-free 8 oz. bottles (4) with hi-flow spout
• Fix bottles anywhere on belt for optimized comfort and access
• Bounce-free, 360º stretch-limiter belt
• User moveable Rapid Access Pouch (5″ x 3″ x .75″)
• Built-in front stretch pocket (5″ x 2″ x .25″)
• Single handed bottle access with secure click-in system
• Easily add additional modules / accessories

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An important aspect with any running hydration belt has to do with comfort and the most uncomfortable experience occurs when the belt bounces around with every stride you take. The RunLite belts feature a bounce-free Stretch Limiter belt. This allows the belt to be adjusted so that it fits snugly to ensure it will not move while running.

The bottles, or SnapFlasks, snap onto the belt with a minimum of fuss and can be taken off and returned to the belt single-handed so you won’t have to break stride when getting a drink. The SnapFlasks are available in either 8oz or 10oz sizes and they feature hi-flow spouts that are promised to be leak free.

A big advantage that this belt has over some of the competitors is that the belt is fully customizable meaning the bottles can be positioned anywhere on the belt. This is important to avoid the hands or arms from coming in contact with the bottles when swinging as part of the running motion. It also means they can be positioned in the easiest to access places on the belt. These bottles may even be stored horizontally on the belt to give greater clearance for the arms.

If you are only planning a shorter run, you can remove a couple of the clip holders and convert your 4 bottle belt into a two bottle belt. This is such an adaptable system that you can use the larger 10.5oz bottles instead of the 8oz ones.

This hydration belt is not limited to carrying the bottles that can be clipped to the outside. It also contains a pouch that allows you to carry a gel or two, keys, money, your MP3 player or other small items that you would rather not leave behind while running.

Customer Reviews

There have been some very interesting comments on by runners who have used the Amphipod RunLite 4 Hydration Belt and provide some astute insights into how they have gotten the most out of them. It is worthwhile reading through these customer reviews. Read the Amphipod RunLite 4 Hydration Belt reviews

The RunLite 4 is only one of the range of quality running hydration belts that are available from Amphipod. Also available is the RunLite 2 (with 2 x 8oz bottles), the RunLite 2+ (with 2 x 10.5oz bottles), RunLite 3 (with 3 x 8oz bottles).

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