Ways to add Exercise and Weight Loss to Your Life

We spend so much time going mad trying to figure out how to get our daily workout in, and it’s not even something we look forward to in a day.  Day by day we slave ourselves to exercise and weight loss, not really getting the most out of our efforts and certainly not enjoying the experience.  Here are some really neat ways to not just get some exercise, but change our whole lives as well.

Fun Things for the Whole Family to Try

Let’s face it, America as a whole is getting heavier.  This is a fact for children today as much as it is for adults, so why not get the whole family out and about.  Go to the water slide park in the summer, do tons of camping, go skiing, or try out horseback riding.  These are things the whole family can do, and will enjoy the heck out of doing them all together.  Hiking is kind of boring to me, but I do enjoy hunting and let me tell you, gutting any deer or elk you manage to bag is plenty of exercise for anyone, and should you not manage to find anything, you did hoof it all over giving it your best go.  In any event, for your children, you are setting them up for a lifetime of healthy living and also providing them with an abundance of fond memories which they can pass on to their children some day.  Getting kids to turn off the Nintendo and play outside is a whole lot easier if you don’t give them the option in the first place, and I take my nephews and just make them go.  It is easier by far when they are younger, but even still you are the boss, just make them go.  Even sour teenagers can have a good time riding horses or playing ultimate Frisbee. Find things that the family enjoys, we do kendo class with our friends (seriously, those little kids are lethal with a wooden sword!) and it is not only great exercise but a wonderful chance to relax and see our friends.  Spending all your time holed up at your computer is simply avoiding exercise and weight loss, and you are passing on those bad habits to your kids make no bones about it, so get off your tuck and go outside!

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